Monthly Archives: January 2015

Our Sunday Best: Sailor Shirts and Ruffle Dresses

If there’s one day that’s worthy of dressing up, it’s Sunday. That’s why we’re going to start featuring a weekly “Sunday Best” outfit for boys and girls. And every Friday, we encourage you to share YOUR Sunday Best with us on our Facebook page! If we choose your Sunday Best outfit as our favorite, we’ll give you a 20% discount on your next Shrimp & Grits Kids order! Continue reading

Shopping for a Cause!

We always love to hear from happy customers, but we were moved when we got this news from one of our reps, Natalie. One of Natalie’s hostesses, Amy Grote, is hosting a party to showcase our new Spring line. However, instead of using her credit earned for herself, she’s donating it to a friend to buy clothes for her 3-year old, who is battling cancer, and their newborn. Continue reading

DIY Kids Crafts: T-Shirt Bag

You know that old saying, “When life hands you a t-shirt, make a t-shirt bag”? Yeah, us neither. But that still isn’t going to stop us from trying out this awesome (and super easy!) craft project from the Cakies blog. Heads up: it does require some rudimentary sewing skills, but it’s just a few times and it’s a straight line. You can do it! Continue reading

Kid Friendly Recipes: PB&J Dog

Snack time can quickly morph into finding the easiest and quickest thing to throw together at a moment’s notice – and understandably so. Holding a crying infant while a toddler latches onto your leg demanding a ”nack now!” can drive any parent to reach for the nearest box of animal crackers instead of wasting any more precious time trying to scramble and find some kid friendly recipes. Continue reading

Tips from the Trade: How to Wash a Dress that’s Smocked

The only thing better than a brand new smocked dress or outfit is keeping your kids’ closet full of current smocked clothing in like-new condition. Luckily, there are some tips for how to wash a dress that’s smocked so that it lasts for years and can be passed down to the younger kiddos. Here’s what to do. Continue reading

Lowcountry Lowdown: Find Fun Indoors at the Charleston Kids Museum

We’re dead in the middle of winter in Charleston right now, and that means that the city which is normally full of life – especially downtown in the evenings – is pretty quiet. Forget evenings outside and weekends at the beach, everyone is bundled up during the day and staying mostly inside later on. We don’t take well to the cold here. 🙂 Continue reading