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Beat the Heat With These Fun Family Games

For months during the school year, you dream about summer vacation – counting down the days until you no longer have to wake up early and get kids ready and out the door for school. And then summer gets here, and it’s wonderful. For two beautiful weeks, you sleep in and play games with the kids and all is perfect. Until boredom sets in, and then summertime becomes a constant battle of keeping kids entertained and engaged. Luckily, we’ve got a few fun family games that can keep the whole family having fun, even after summer vacation has lost a little of its luster. Continue reading

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Craft Ideas for Kids: Pool Noodle Racetrack

The best kinds of craft ideas for kids are ones that are simple and easy to execute. Bonus points if they are cheap, because we all know that children get bored easily and spending too much time and money on one activity is sure to be a budget drainer. Luckily, we stumbled upon some great craft ideas for kids that use pool noodles, which are fun, easy to handle, and super affordable. Continue reading


Kids Room Decorating Ideas: How to Create a Reading Nook on a Budget

If ever there was a popular decorating trend for kids, it would be the reading nook. From every children’s decor store selling play tents repurposed as a reading space to a myriad of DIY tips on how to create the perfect privacy nook, creating a reading nook in your kid’s room isn’t terribly difficult and better yet – it can be done on a budget. Here are 6 kids room decorating ideas for creating the perfect cozy little reading nook for your child. Continue reading


4 Things We LOVE About Monogramming

It’s no secret that here at Shrimp & Grits Kids, we LOVE monogramming. In fact, we recently launched our monogramming service where you can personalize your kiddo’s outfits with adorable initials. But aside from the personalization factor, there are so many more reasons to love monogramming. Here are four reasons why we just can’t get enough of monogramming. Continue reading


Kid Friendly Recipes: Creamy Cucumber Sandwiches

It’s full on summertime, and that means lots of playing outdoors and packing snacks and lunch meals that are portable and refreshing. It also means finding kid friendly recipes that require few ingredients and are simple to throw together, because who wants to spend their time on complicated meals in the kitchen when they could be relaxing outdoors while the kids run around? Continue reading


5 Ways to Use Monogram Initials

If ever there was a trend in the South, it would be monogram initials. Aside from being functional and useful for keeping track of your little one’s possessions (like beach towels) and personalizing clothing (think monogrammed shirts and swimsuits), they’re also just adorable. In fact, there are a million and one unique ways to use monogram initials for you, your kids, and in your home. Here are five of our favorites! Continue reading


Fun in the Sun: What to Pack for the Beach

It’s officially summer! And that means that it’s officially beach season! If you’re lucky enough to live on the coast, like we do in Charleston, you know that packing for the beach is a mandatory skill to have – especially if you want to keep the family happy, hydrated, and having fun all day long. So what do you need to know about packing for a day at the beach? We’ll tell you! Continue reading


Battle Boredom: 50 Super Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Summer time is great – no more waking up early to take kids to school, family vacations to the beach, and lots and lots of free time for the kids to participate in summer activities. That is, until boredom hits. Any seasoned parent knows that once the newness of summer of wears off, the kids can get a little bored. That’s why we’ve rounded up 50 fun summer activities for kids that will keep them entertained all summer long! Continue reading