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Memorial Day is right around the corner!  In a short week from now, refrigerators will be stocked, families and friends with gather, and the beaches will be packed to celebrate the day off in honor of all those who served and sacrificed their lives for our freedom.  I can almost smell the grills being fired up and hear the laughter of children running through freshly mowed lawns.  Flags will fly high and families will wear their red, white, and blue as a symbol of appreciation to all those brave men and women who gave their lives.

When asked about family traditions and Memorial Day celebrations, SGK owner and designer, Megan Hewitt, had this to share:
“Both my mother’s father and father’s father served proudly in World War II.  While they did not die in service, I still take time on Memorial Day to remember their sacrifice and those who fought alongside them for our freedom.  We typically spend Memorial Day going out in the boat and ending the day grilling with our family, but I still like to take the time to explain to my girls the importance of the day and why our country takes the day ‘off’ to remember.”

SGK always incorporates red, white, and blue clothing into the spring/summer line because so many families like to have options for their children to wear on this special holiday.   Check out these collections for your little ones:

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Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the women in your life that empower you with the tools to keep you grounded while also lifting you up to soar.  This Mother’s Day, take time to reflect upon your mother’s strengths that carried her towards greatness and undoubtedly molded you into the mother you have become.  Also, take time to celebrate the different, yet meaningful, choices you and other mothers make for the good of your families each and every day. Mothers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors yet share traits of being comforting and compassionate and are equally loved for their many talents. The list of roles a mother plays is endless: ranging from nurse to chef, from chauffeur to therapist, from repairman to comedian, and so much more. Some mothers fulfill these roles while working from home, while other mothers fulfill these roles and work outside of the home.  There are so many factors, including demanding schedules, that dictate the choices we make for our families.  Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”  Wow, let that sink in for a minute.  “Comparison is the thief of joy”  Remember that it is okay if your family is gluten free and your friend chooses to feed her kids pizza every night. The mothers at your child’s school may be super crafty and you may be super sporty.  Find greatness in one another and trust that while the same scenarios may have different outcomes in each home, each and every mother is doing her best job.  Sadly, we often spend time comparing and tearing one another down, while we should instead, work together to lift one another up, despite our many differences.

I know that being a mother is often filled with days that are both challenging and rewarding.  There is a quote I once heard about how days spent parenting children are long, yet the years are short, and that is so true!  The days can definitely be long and I find that I am the best mother when I am feeling the best about myself.  I simply cannot give to everyone all of the time and forget to give to myself (okay, in full disclosure….this is VERY hard for me.  I am a giver and I rarely take care of myself like I should, but I am trying! It is a work in progress!!)  In thinking about my own Mother’s Day plans, I have a few suggestions for you (and me) to help take care of ourselves:

  • Take the day off!  This sounds like a no brainer, but it is so very hard for so many women to do.  Let your family cook, clean, and comfort you.  They often want to do it, but don’t always know how.  Give a pointer if it is needed and then sit back, be quiet, relax, and let them do it.
  • Pamper yourself.  Go for a manicure, pedicure, or both!  Enjoy a massage (seriously, we can all use this one, so make time and go do it!) or simply take a long, hot bath at home.  Find something that will make you feel refreshed and treat yourself.
  • Spend time with your family.  Plan a little outing with your family.  Turn the technology off and go for a bike ride, walk, or spend the day at the beach.  This is a great time to clear your mind, connect, and create memories.  Pick your happy place and spend it with the people that make you the happiest!
  • Buy a little surcee.  Have you been eyeing something special, big or small, and dropping hints that no one seems to be picking up?  Reward yourself for a job well done by purchasing something for yourself.  Fresh flowers, a new handbag, a fitness membership, or a special cup of coffee that you love but never treat yourself to….go get it!
  • Help a mother out.  Do you know a mom in need?  Is there someone in your community that could use a helping hand?  Maybe a mother in the nursing home that no one comes to visit?  You cannot find a better way to fill your heart than to show compassion and love towards another living creature.  
  • Grant yourself grace.  So much guilt comes with motherhood…believe me, I know it all too well.  Take a minute and love yourself for all that you do, forgive yourself for what you may have missed, and then let it go.  Do not hold onto things that have already happened or that are out of your control

Have a WONDERFUL Mother’s Day with your families!  Celebrate yourself for all the good that you do and embrace all the love that is coming your way this Sunday.  You deserve every single bit of it!  We love you!  You are doing a FANTASTIC job!!

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Pictured above is Megan Hewitt, SGK owner and designer, with her daughters: Ella, age 10, and Lyla Gray, age 7.  When asked what being motherly means to her, Megan replied, “Doing the best for my children- taking care of their mental, physical and spiritual needs and guiding them into productive and grateful adults.”