Simple Halloween Princess Dresses You Can Create From Things in Your Kid’s Closet

Halloween’s coming up quickly, and if you haven’t picked out a pre-made costume at one of the big Halloween retailers, you can always piece something together from the family’s closets. In fact, DIY costumes can be even more fun than buying one pre-made, as it’s something that you and your daughter can work on together.

If your little one loves princesses, and you want to cobble together your own precious Halloween costumes, try this DIY princess dresses.

Little Red Riding Hood

If your little girl is obsessed with Little Red Riding Hood, find a simple white dress and pair it with our Red Corduroy Cape. It comes with a giant tie bow in the front, and you can pair it with a pair of red Mary Jane shoes and a straw picnic basket. After that, to grandma’s house you go!


What little girl doesn’t love Cinderella? And for possibly the easiest Cinderella outfit ever, you can dress your daughter in the Princess and Coach Smocked Gown, which has gingham overlays, and puff sleeves, and can be worn both during Halloween and after the holidays. Pair them with some Cinderella slippers and your precious one will be ready for the ball.

Snow White

For a modern day Snow White, opt for one of our multi-functional princess dresses that features Snow White.  Add a big red bow to the mix, along with some golden yellow shoes, and your little one can be Snow White for Halloween (and every weekend after!)


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