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Sound Off: Do You Buy Christmas Pajamas for your Kids?

Traditions are big in the South. We love passing down events, recipes, and heirlooms to our children. It’s just a part of being Southern. And because Christmas is such a major holiday that’s spent with family, it’s no surprise that Christmas traditions can be plentiful down here. In fact, one of our favorite traditions is one that our mothers used to practice before we ended up passing it down to our children: Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve.

We’re not sure exactly when Christmas pajamas became such a trend, but for as long as we can remember, Christmas Eve was a time to excitedly open one wrapped gift under the Christmas tree so that you could wear your new Christmas pajamas to bed before Santa came.

Christmas Pajamas We Love

Some of our favorite Christmas pajamas this year are simple cotton button down tops and bottoms. This red and white striped Christmas pajama set has a cute hand smocked Santa on the front pocket, and can work for both girls and boys. The green piping around the sleeves and ankles adds a great accent to the red and white color.

Another fun option is to choose matching boy/girl Christmas pajamas for brothers and sisters. Our Candy Cane pajama set is perfect for that, as it features a cotton smocked nightgown for girls and a matching cotton smocked pajama set for boys. Both feature a Christmas plaid accent (trim for the boys pajama set and plaid ruffles for the girls’ nightgown).

They’re also both long-sleeved, so that your little ones will stay warm and cozy while waiting for Santa. And, each version has a hand smocked pair of candy canes, which is a perfect holiday theme.

But we want to hear from you! Do you buy Christmas pajamas for your children to wear on Christmas eve? Or do you not bother with holiday pajamas at all? Share your opinion in the comments!

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