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easy christmas cookies

Super Easy Christmas Cookies That The Kids Can Make

With all of the chaos that surrounds the holiday season, whipping up some Christmas treats with the kids can almost seem like a chore. That is, unless you find an easy Christmas cookies recipe that will take minimal time, and is so simple that even a toddler can do it. Ok, maybe it’s not that easy, but it’s certainly simple enough that a toddler can help. Here’s one of our favorite holiday cookie recipes that the entire family will love. Continue reading

christmas movies

Start a Tradition: Watch These Christmas Movies with your Family

It’s the last week of school before the holiday break, which means lots of fun family time for a few days before Christmas eve. And what better way to spend that time together than catching up on some classic Christmas movies (from past and present!) while curling up on the couch with some hot chocolate and blankets for snuggling. To get you started, here’s a roundup of our all-time favorite Christmas movies that the whole family will love. So heat up some hot chocolate and que up Netflix for a week’s worth of family movie nights. Continue reading

christmas crafts for kids

Christmas Crafts for Kids: 5 Ways to Beat Boredom During the Break

Christmas and New Years break is the longest break of the school year, so it’s smart parenting to be prepared for the inevitable boredom that’s sure to settle in once the excitement of the holidays wears off. Luckily, there’s no shortage of christmas crafts for kids that will keep your little ones interested and engaged (and hopefully out of trouble). Here are five of our favorite crafts that your family will love doing together. Continue reading


Keep Your Kids Entertained With These 4 Fun Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

Thanksgiving break is less than a week away, and along with travel and planning big family meals, that also means a week off from school for the kids. Do you have anything planned for the holiday break boredom? If not, we’ve got you covered with some fun Thanksgiving crafts for kids that will help keep little ones entertained (and hopefully out of trouble). Continue reading


What To Do With Your Old Halloween Pumpkin

Once Halloween passes, there are plenty of things to look forward to: Thanksgiving, holiday shopping, and Christmas decorating to name a few. What’s not so much fun is figuring out what to do with your old Halloween pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns that you decorated with the kids. After a few days or weeks, these pumpkins can quickly go from fun to foul. Continue reading


SGK Owner, Megan Hewitt, Shares Her Favorite Halloween Treats

Halloween is the perfect time to reconnect with the family – from creating your own DIY costumes together to whipping up some fun Halloween treats for the family and neighborhood kids, Halloween is just a fun, silly time of year for kids. Continue reading


Simple Halloween Princess Dresses You Can Create From Things in Your Kid’s Closet

Halloween’s coming up quickly, and if you haven’t picked out a pre-made costume at one of the big Halloween retailers, you can always piece something together from the family’s closets. In fact, DIY costumes can be even more fun than buying one pre-made, as it’s something that you and your daughter can work on together. Continue reading


5 Music Games for Kids That Will Encourage Learning

Having your child learn a musical instrument has been shown to provide all sorts of benefits. For instance, learning the piano has been linked to improved spatial-temporal reasoning (the ability to understand how complex things fit together and how they can be manipulated). Listening to music and understanding how to play an instrument can help kids improve their mathematical abilities, learn how to understand and manage their emotions, and also provide an outlet to keep their creative juices flowing. Continue reading


10 of our All-time Fave Southern Mommy Blogs

If there’s one thing we like to do once the chaos of the day has died down and the kids are snug in their beds, it’s pop open the laptop and browse some of our favorite mommy blogs – especially by some of our favorite Southern bloggers. Whether it’s new recipes to test out, DIY activities to keep the kids busy, or just blowing off some steam about the challenges of parenthood, these mommy blogs know how to inspire us, encourage us, challenge us, and even make us laugh from time to time. Continue reading


8 Classic Kids Books Every Family Should Own

Reading is an integral part of the childhood experience, and every family should keep a good stock of books available for their children to dive into. Along with fostering creativity, reading furthers brain development and is just plain fun. You can even make reading into an exciting routine for your little ones by creating a fun reading nook in their bedroom or playroom.

But what books should you stock up on? We think every family should own these 8 classic kids books. Which ones do you have, and which ones would you add to our list?

  1. Little House on the Prairie – Laura Ingles Wilder’s classic series, Little House on the Prairie is set in the the 1870s and follows the life Laura Ingles as a child growing up in the Midwest. The nine series novel isn’t ideal for toddlers or younger kids, but it’s great for family reading time for 6 years old and up.
  1. The Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh – We don’t know if there’s another series that’s as timeless as Winnie-the-Pooh. A.A. Milne’s tale of a teddy bear that lives in the Ashdown Forest and has adventures with his human friend, Christopher Robin (who was actually modeled after Milne’s son). The tales are sweet and cuddly, and make for perfect bedtime stories.
  1. The Little Prince – The Little Prince is also one of those books that is a timeless classic, and a great story too. Written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery and originally written in French, The Little Prince has been translated into almost every known language and is a children’s classic around the world. This story is really best for older children, around 3rd to 4th grade, especially if they’re reading it themselves.
  1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – A Mad Hatter at a tea party, the Queen of Hearts, a Cheshire Cat and falling down a rabbit hole? What child wouldn’t love Lewis Carroll’s imaginative world full of silly characters and off-the-wall adventures?
  1. Velveteen Rabbit – The Velveteen Rabbit is an oldie, but goodie from way back in 1922. The tale is about a toy Velveteen Rabbit that’s given to a little boy as a present. And the rabbit sits in the playroom with all of the other toys waiting for the day that the boy chooses him to play with. It’s widely known for its beautiful illustrations and is considered a great read for kids aged 3 and up.  
  1. The Complete Adventures of Curious George – Ah Curious George. Always getting himself into trouble. A silly monkey that finds himself in silly situations is pretty relatable for toddlers and early elementary school kids alike. The only downside is that these books might give your kiddos some ideas about how to get into mischief.
  1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – It’s probably safe to say that almost everyone has seen the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie at this point, but there’s probably a larger group that hasn’t actually read the book. And that’s a shame, because there are so many great nuances found in the writing that don’t necessarily translate onto the big screen. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is just a fun read for early to mid elementary school students.
  1. Goodnight Moon – Goodnight Moon is the quintessential bedtime book for toddlers. It’s illustrations are bright and fun to look at, the writing is short and easy to grasp, and it’s a good learning opportunity for 2-3 year olds who are learning new words and phrases.