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SGK Fall 2016 Sneak Peek: Making a List, Checking it Twice


You didn’t think we had skipped out on Santas this year, did you???  Nope! I just had to built up the anticipation for this final reveal!  I hope you have been making your list and checking it twice with all of your favorite items from our Fall 2016 line!  If you are like me….there is simply just too much cuteness to pick from!


I don’t even think I need to say too much about this group….the photos speak for themselves!  Varying shades of blues and reds are just so fabulous together and these do not disappoint.  And let’s talk about the SANTAS!!! All kids love to wear Santas over the holidays and these smocked fellas are just perfect.  Love the red trim on the navy blue…really makes the colors POP!

And then this Red Scallop group and the boys coordinating pieces….OH MY!  Absolutely adorable and SO classic! Perfect for church and family gatherings as well.  I LOVE!

You can purchase these entire looks….shoes and all…on July 12th.

Hope you are all capping off June in an extraordinary way!  Hard to believe tomorrow marks a new month!

XxOo Melanie

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DRAFT SGK Fall 2016 Sneak Peek: Mad for Plaid

It is Tuesday and I am MAD FOR PLAID!!

Check out these adorable collections from our Fall 2016 line!  Get ready to fall in love with red checks, plaids, and a sweet white Christmas dress……all in tonight’s preview!


The red check Poppy Dress is absolutely adorable!  Pair this little number with knee socks and navy Mary Janes (and a navy cardi for cool weather) for a classic look.  And check out the precious boy options as well…red checks, monograms, and a long sleeve polo for the older boys.  Too cute for words…this set will carry your little ones straight thru fall and will be perfect for Valentine’s Day celebrations!


There is nothing sweeter than a classic, traditional look for Christmas.  Whether you choose the plaid route or this sweet white Christmas dress…you really cannot go wrong.  All of these looks are timeless and will be perfect in all of your family’s holiday photos!

Have a great night!  See you tomorrow as we continue to preview the Fall 2016 line….we have a few more to go!

XxOo Melanie

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SGK Fall 2016 Sneak Peek : Pigs Do Fly for these ADORABLE designs!

Don’t get the Monday Blues unless you are dreaming of all of these ADORABLE designs in our Fall 2016 line! I just love little boys and girls dressed in blue!!  Don’t you??


Pigs sure did fly when they saw these adorable designs for Fall 2016!  The smocked flying piggies will be a huge hit for your little girls and I am just obsessed with the light blue paired with pink!  And how about your little cowboy?  Lasso him one of these designs and you will surely put a huge grin on his face!

Our Christmas line is always one of my favorites.  Full of classic designs, monograms, smocking, and just pure sweetness.  This Nativity Bishop and Longall is a perfect option for the holidays and Sunday church services. So so sweet!!


Don’t you all just love a monogram on your little ones?  I always have and this collection is just perfect to fulfill your monogramming itch!  Pick any of these designs and let us do the monogramming to complete the look for you!  Too cute!

That’s it for today!  Hope you enjoyed and don’t worry….I’ve got a few more to share with you….including SANTAS!!!



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