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Memorial Day is right around the corner!  In a short week from now, refrigerators will be stocked, families and friends with gather, and the beaches will be packed to celebrate the day off in honor of all those who served and sacrificed their lives for our freedom.  I can almost smell the grills being fired up and hear the laughter of children running through freshly mowed lawns.  Flags will fly high and families will wear their red, white, and blue as a symbol of appreciation to all those brave men and women who gave their lives.

When asked about family traditions and Memorial Day celebrations, SGK owner and designer, Megan Hewitt, had this to share:
“Both my mother’s father and father’s father served proudly in World War II.  While they did not die in service, I still take time on Memorial Day to remember their sacrifice and those who fought alongside them for our freedom.  We typically spend Memorial Day going out in the boat and ending the day grilling with our family, but I still like to take the time to explain to my girls the importance of the day and why our country takes the day ‘off’ to remember.”

SGK always incorporates red, white, and blue clothing into the spring/summer line because so many families like to have options for their children to wear on this special holiday.   Check out these collections for your little ones:

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