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4 Southern Christmas Traditions That We LOVE

There’s nothing quite like Christmas time, when all the houses are decorated with lights, and the Christmas trees are up and twinkling. But like many things in the South, Christmas time is also a season for family traditions that span many generations and become part of the holiday season. In fact, Southerners are known for creating family traditions that get passed down year after year, from parent to child. But these 4 Christmas traditions are our absolute favorite during the holidays. Continue reading


5 Child Friendly Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

For super cute Thanksgiving decoration ideas that you can create with your kids, look no further than these five adorable ideas. From outside decorations to Thanksgiving dinner table centerpieces, there’s plenty of DIY crafts that you and your kids can create together. Continue reading


4 Ways to Personalize Your Kid’s Playhouse

Once upon a time, every child below the age of 10 wanted two things: a pony and a treehouse. These days, a non-tree playhouse is on the wish list of most kids. Luckily, it’s never been easier to throw up a quick playhouse structure outside or pick one up from any number of kids stores and home supply providers – even Home Depot, Walmart, and Target have their own versions of a kids playhouse and they’re not terribly expensive. Continue reading


Kids Room Decorating Ideas: How to Create a Reading Nook on a Budget

If ever there was a popular decorating trend for kids, it would be the reading nook. From every children’s decor store selling play tents repurposed as a reading space to a myriad of DIY tips on how to create the perfect privacy nook, creating a reading nook in your kid’s room isn’t terribly difficult and better yet – it can be done on a budget. Here are 6 kids room decorating ideas for creating the perfect cozy little reading nook for your child. Continue reading


4 Things We LOVE About Monogramming

It’s no secret that here at Shrimp & Grits Kids, we LOVE monogramming. In fact, we recently launched our monogramming service where you can personalize your kiddo’s outfits with adorable initials. But aside from the personalization factor, there are so many more reasons to love monogramming. Here are four reasons why we just can’t get enough of monogramming. Continue reading


5 Ways to Use Monogram Initials

If ever there was a trend in the South, it would be monogram initials. Aside from being functional and useful for keeping track of your little one’s possessions (like beach towels) and personalizing clothing (think monogrammed shirts and swimsuits), they’re also just adorable. In fact, there are a million and one unique ways to use monogram initials for you, your kids, and in your home. Here are five of our favorites! Continue reading


How to Make DIY Wall Art for your Kids’ Room

Decorating your kid’s room – it can be difficult to keep it from looking like a typhoon just blew through, much less coordinating actual design elements. One simple way to really bring a kids’ room together is to add paintings or wall hangings. However, picking up a painting isn’t always the most cost-effective method of decorating kids room walls (nor is it always the most realistic option since children have a way of destroying nice things on occasion). A better alternative is to create your own DIY wall art for your son or daughter’s room. Bonus points: you can create it with your kid, and have a fun project to collaborate on. Continue reading