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SGK Fall 2016 Sneak Peek: Picture Perfect and full of Whimsy

Hello customers!  We hope you loved yesterday’s preview and are pumped for this next release.  As promised, over the next couple of weeks, we are sharing pages from the actual catalog for you to preview our Fall 2016 Shrimp and Grits Kids and Serendipity lines.  Today, we bring you looks that are full of classic childhood designs with details such as peter pan collars, corduroy, and knee socks, along with the care-free and fun looks from Serendipity.  Enjoy!


Jordan Jumper ~ If you have emailed, been in the store, or follow our Facebook or Instagram pages…chances are you have interacted with longtime employee, Jordan Kircher.  A jack of all trades, Jordan is the manager and back bone of the company!  She helped design this precious jumper, affectionately named after her, and it is already a staff favorite this season!

Captain Pitts ~ This collection is named for Megan’s husband and SGK owner, Pitts Hewitt, and his love for his boat and all things nautical!  I just love the color combination and I want to say “AHOY MATE!!” every time I see these precious boys in these pieces.

Sky Madeline Dress ~ Inspired by a childhood favorite story book, this classic design is sure to be a favorite for both moms and girls! Once again, the color combination is perfection and coupled with knee socks and saddle shoes, your little one is set for school picture day or anything her heart desires.


Check out these next looks from our Serendipity line!  During our chat, Megan shared with me that Serendipity is her true love, her heart and soul.  She loves to design whimsical fabrics and create designs that are just FUN! Megan feels like childhood should be soft and fun and whimsical.  I could not agree more and the fun colors and soft knits from this line are such a hit with the kids!

When designing the floral groups for Serendipity, Megan finds inspiration in nature.  A true lover of the outdoors, Megan finds so much in her surroundings that contribute to various aspects of the floral pieces.  Just look at the Eliza group, full of our favorite colors and versatile pieces to mix and match.  My girls already have their eyes on the Snow Tunic, Cora Ruffle Leggings and Sadie Dress and their mama already has her eye on just about everything Serendipity!

I hope you are loving Fall 2016 as much as we all do!  Stay tuned for more great sneak peeks and inside scoop as we continue to release pages straight from our fabulous Fall catalog!

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SGK Fall 2016 Sneak Peek: Back to School Looks

A couple of months ago, I shared some pictures and tips from our SGK Fall 2016 photo shoot at the lovely Boals Farm with a promise to reveal more of the line in the future.  It is with great excitement that I am now able to share with you some of the adorable pieces from SGK’s Fall 2016 line.  Each season, we (SGK employees) all say it is the best line we have seen and that we cannot imagine the clothing and designs being any cuter. Well….I think I can honestly say this is the best season yet! 

I had time to sit down and talk with Megan, owner and designer of SGK, about her inspiration for this line.  Each season you can see various inspiration from Megan’s personal life come to life in her designs.  Whether it be her love of outdoors or all things vintage, little aspects of Megan’s interests pop up all throughout the line.  As I share pages from the catalog with you all, I am including tidbits from our chat.  In addition, we have included some of this fun information throughout this season’s catalog.

Special thanks to the entire team that worked tirelessly on this beauty!  Mike’s photography is always on point and this year doesn’t disappoint.  While laying out the catalog, Mike asked Brittany, our in house graphic designer, to put her special touch on the catalog with fun fonts, cute graphics, and more.  The result could not be better!  We are over the moon!

So, put down that sunscreen and take a break from the heat because we are thrilled to reveal our first two collections with you.16FACAT_7&8

Each season our customers give us feedback on designs they love and each season, gingham is a top favorite.  This fall, look for classic color combinations of green, navy, and red paired with apple smocked designs, peter  pan collars, monograms, and corduroy.  Perfect back to school looks for your little ones!


What is that saying about the best gifts come in tiny packages?  Well, we have a little friend, Lilly Kate, that continues to bring the entire SGK team great joy and huge smiles each season.  We adore Lilly Kate and this line would not be complete without a cheerful design in her honor.

More Fall looks are coming your way!  Stay tuned for daily sneak peeks right here, on the blog!


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If you follow Shrimp and Grits Kids on Instagram and Facebook, you have been lucky enough to catch a few glimpses of our Spring Pop Up Line.  Filled with fun fabrics and fresh new smocking designs, this line is much anticipated by our customers each season!  This spring’s pop up line is no disappointment and we cannot wait to share with you all of the vintage-inspired fabrics and designs, mixed with traditional smocking favorites, to help you complete your little ones summer wardrobe!

Megan Hewitt, the owner and designer of SGK, recently shared with me how the pop up line came about and what she thinks about this current line.  Check out our question and answer below:

Why do you do a supplemental line?

I design a pop up line to keep it interesting!  By April and May, we have all gotten a little stagnant and we need some fresh ideas to get our customers excited again.

Do you have a supplemental line each season?

Yes, I usually do a small pop up line each season to keep it interesting.

What inspired this particular line?

We were all in love with the diaper sets and pinafore sets this Spring, so I decided to do a couple more of them in fun prints.

What are a couple of your favorite pieces from this line?

I adore the aqua floral diaper set and pinafore.  My faves by far!

Based on the response from our followers, Megan is not alone!  The aqua floral sets have received a great response and are on the website now for pre order, along with a few other collections.  All items will ship the first week of May and we urge you to get your order in now, instead of waiting, because items will sell out.

Sailfish Collection

The Sailfish collection is perfect for summer days and we just know we will see these pieces in many of your Father’s Day photos!

Anchors Away

Anchors, red check, and sailboats!?!? Yes, please!  Everyone loves a nautical theme and these sets double up as adorable 4th of July options for your little ones!

Vintage inspired big pink floral fabric and big pink checks, coupled with eyelet trim, makes this collection a must have! Just look at the colors!!

Mermaids are always a favorite for little girls and this aqua and coral line is no exception!  For a classic look, the Patty Cake dress detailed with a peter pan collar and lace trim is absolutely perfect! This sweet collection will be available on 5/3.

Mermaids are always a favorite for little girls and this aqua and coral line is no exception!  For a classic look, the Patty Cake dress detailed with a peter pan collar and lace trim is absolutely perfect! This sweet collection will be coming soon.

bridget eyelet dress and bubble

Last, but not least, the Bridget collection is a favorite! Who doesn’t love little girls in blue? And the feminine details on the pieces have us all swooning! The Bridget collection will be coming soon.

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Having grown up as an only child, the sibling relationship is something that I have always admired and desperately wanted.   From my point of view, a sibling is a built-in friend who is there to share your deepest secrets, help you with difficult decisions and rocky relationships, and serve as your guide in learning right from wrong.  A sibling is a constant in your life and the one person who understands the depth of your love for your parents and who will understand the depth of your grief when your parents pass away.  A sibling is your person.  A sibling gets you.  Having a sibling makes you a part of a tribe.

Perhaps it goes along with being part of a tribe or the hope to create an identity for their unit that inspires parents to dress their children alike.  Maybe coordinated clothing simply began as a way to create a nice family photo.  Whatever the case, I always love seeing siblings dressed in coordinating outfits and I LOVE that Megan, the owner and designer of Shrimp and Grits Kids, is focused on creating sibling sets each season.  I recently asked Megan to share her creative process when developing coordinating sets for siblings in her line.  This is what she had to say: 

“I always try to design sets that incorporate a girl and a boy coordinating design.  I also like to add an older girl and an older boy option in several styles per season. I know so many mamas like to coordinate the whole family and I try to give them several options.”

Some Shrimp and Grits Kids customers prefer to dress their children exactly the same while others prefer pieces that complement one another.  As family photo sessions, and especially sibling photo sessions, become more and more popular, we continue to see an increase in purchases of sibling sets each season.  Whether you are a parent to all girls, all boys, or some of each, Shrimp and Grits Kids is your one stop to get your little ones completely coordinated!

We adore seeing all of your family photos and how you are matching your children in Shrimp and Grits Kids.  Scroll down to check out one of our favorite sibling photos, along with a few sibling set shots from our Shrimp and Grits Spring 2016 line.

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Shrimp and Grits Kids

“Siblings are the people we practice on, the people who teach us about fairness and cooperation and kindness and caring – quite often the hard way.”   – Pamela Dugdale

IMG_5134Amelia, Nate, and Charlie Newberry
Wearing Posie Eyelet Dress and Blue Pique Button On Short Set
Photo Credit: Laurie Jarrard Photography

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