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SGK Fall 2016 Sneak Peek: More Classics Mixed with Puppies and Turkeys

Happy Hump Day!  We are celebrating with Fall sneak peeks galore!

We are back up and running! Sorry for the little delay in blog shares while we were fixing internal issues.   Hopefully you are following us on Instagram and have also had a chance to read thru the other blog posts with previews….everything is just too cute!!  Today I am excited to share some adorable pieces from our Classics Collection as well as some irresistible cuteness in the form of puppies and turkeys!


I am a sucker for navy blue and peter pan collars!  Not only do they double as “dress code appropriate” for my girls….they are classic and such a nice and neat look for any occasion!  When adding these goodies to your list, don’t forget we monogram as well!

16FACAT_25&26When designing the smocked line, Megan pulls from her personal life.  The puppy collection is inspired by Megan’s family pet, their mini golden doodle, Birdie.  At work (literally, Birdie comes to work at SGK every day) or at home and play, Birdie brings so much joy to everyone she meets and is “the love of our lives”, Megan says.

Who doesn’t love a turkey design on their little turkey for Thanksgiving?!?! This little turkey jumper and longall, topped off with a precious monogram is just over the top!  I hope you are as thankful for this as I am!

Alright….that is all for now!  I will be back with more preciousness tomorrow!  Sleep tight friends.

XxOO Melanie

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SGK Fall 2016 Sneak Peek: Back to School Looks

A couple of months ago, I shared some pictures and tips from our SGK Fall 2016 photo shoot at the lovely Boals Farm with a promise to reveal more of the line in the future.  It is with great excitement that I am now able to share with you some of the adorable pieces from SGK’s Fall 2016 line.  Each season, we (SGK employees) all say it is the best line we have seen and that we cannot imagine the clothing and designs being any cuter. Well….I think I can honestly say this is the best season yet! 

I had time to sit down and talk with Megan, owner and designer of SGK, about her inspiration for this line.  Each season you can see various inspiration from Megan’s personal life come to life in her designs.  Whether it be her love of outdoors or all things vintage, little aspects of Megan’s interests pop up all throughout the line.  As I share pages from the catalog with you all, I am including tidbits from our chat.  In addition, we have included some of this fun information throughout this season’s catalog.

Special thanks to the entire team that worked tirelessly on this beauty!  Mike’s photography is always on point and this year doesn’t disappoint.  While laying out the catalog, Mike asked Brittany, our in house graphic designer, to put her special touch on the catalog with fun fonts, cute graphics, and more.  The result could not be better!  We are over the moon!

So, put down that sunscreen and take a break from the heat because we are thrilled to reveal our first two collections with you.16FACAT_7&8

Each season our customers give us feedback on designs they love and each season, gingham is a top favorite.  This fall, look for classic color combinations of green, navy, and red paired with apple smocked designs, peter  pan collars, monograms, and corduroy.  Perfect back to school looks for your little ones!


What is that saying about the best gifts come in tiny packages?  Well, we have a little friend, Lilly Kate, that continues to bring the entire SGK team great joy and huge smiles each season.  We adore Lilly Kate and this line would not be complete without a cheerful design in her honor.

More Fall looks are coming your way!  Stay tuned for daily sneak peeks right here, on the blog!


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XxOO Melanie




If you follow Shrimp and Grits Kids on Instagram and Facebook, you have been lucky enough to catch a few glimpses of our Spring Pop Up Line.  Filled with fun fabrics and fresh new smocking designs, this line is much anticipated by our customers each season!  This spring’s pop up line is no disappointment and we cannot wait to share with you all of the vintage-inspired fabrics and designs, mixed with traditional smocking favorites, to help you complete your little ones summer wardrobe!

Megan Hewitt, the owner and designer of SGK, recently shared with me how the pop up line came about and what she thinks about this current line.  Check out our question and answer below:

Why do you do a supplemental line?

I design a pop up line to keep it interesting!  By April and May, we have all gotten a little stagnant and we need some fresh ideas to get our customers excited again.

Do you have a supplemental line each season?

Yes, I usually do a small pop up line each season to keep it interesting.

What inspired this particular line?

We were all in love with the diaper sets and pinafore sets this Spring, so I decided to do a couple more of them in fun prints.

What are a couple of your favorite pieces from this line?

I adore the aqua floral diaper set and pinafore.  My faves by far!

Based on the response from our followers, Megan is not alone!  The aqua floral sets have received a great response and are on the website now for pre order, along with a few other collections.  All items will ship the first week of May and we urge you to get your order in now, instead of waiting, because items will sell out.

Sailfish Collection

The Sailfish collection is perfect for summer days and we just know we will see these pieces in many of your Father’s Day photos!

Anchors Away

Anchors, red check, and sailboats!?!? Yes, please!  Everyone loves a nautical theme and these sets double up as adorable 4th of July options for your little ones!

Vintage inspired big pink floral fabric and big pink checks, coupled with eyelet trim, makes this collection a must have! Just look at the colors!!

Mermaids are always a favorite for little girls and this aqua and coral line is no exception!  For a classic look, the Patty Cake dress detailed with a peter pan collar and lace trim is absolutely perfect! This sweet collection will be available on 5/3.

Mermaids are always a favorite for little girls and this aqua and coral line is no exception!  For a classic look, the Patty Cake dress detailed with a peter pan collar and lace trim is absolutely perfect! This sweet collection will be coming soon.

bridget eyelet dress and bubble

Last, but not least, the Bridget collection is a favorite! Who doesn’t love little girls in blue? And the feminine details on the pieces have us all swooning! The Bridget collection will be coming soon.

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Easter Banner for Blog

Growing up, I always loved Easter.

Easter meant egg hunts, frilly dresses, big hats, church on Sunday, and family gatherings complete with ham, deviled eggs, and coconut cake! Easter was a time to celebrate newness and rebirth.  My Easter basket was always filled to the brim and always included a new stuffed bunny, a large chocolate animal, and other little surcees found in tin Easter eggs (which I recently saw listed as “vintage” on ebay! oh my!).  The sun was always shining and freshly bloomed azaleas served as the backdrop to capture beautiful family photos.  

Nowadays it seems as though we spend this special holiday rushing to find just the right Easter basket items to make our presentation Pinterest worthy. We barely notice the joy on our children’s faces because we are scrambling to get out of the house.  We are determined to make it to church, but sadly are preoccupied with making sure we leave service quickly to get food in the oven before family arrives.  The freshly bloomed azaleas are forgotten and instead replaced with 100 cell phone photos with our selfie stick, trying to get the perfect one to post on Facebook!

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