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5 Totally Cool School Supplies That Your Kids Will LOVE

School supplies are an essential part of the back-to-school shopping extravaganza, but it doesn’t have to be all black speckled notebooks and boring No. 2 pencils. In fact, there’s a ton of great options for cool school supplies to make every child – from 5 years to 15 years – excited about heading back to school. Here are five of our favorite cool school supplies.
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Kids Room Decorating Ideas: How to Create a Reading Nook on a Budget

If ever there was a popular decorating trend for kids, it would be the reading nook. From every children’s decor store selling play tents repurposed as a reading space to a myriad of DIY tips on how to create the perfect privacy nook, creating a reading nook in your kid’s room isn’t terribly difficult and better yet – it can be done on a budget. Here are 6 kids room decorating ideas for creating the perfect cozy little reading nook for your child. Continue reading


4 Things We LOVE About Monogramming

It’s no secret that here at Shrimp & Grits Kids, we LOVE monogramming. In fact, we recently launched our monogramming service where you can personalize your kiddo’s outfits with adorable initials. But aside from the personalization factor, there are so many more reasons to love monogramming. Here are four reasons why we just can’t get enough of monogramming. Continue reading


3 Organizations That Deserve Your Clothes Donation

Around this time of the year many families are sorting through their closets, getting rid of clothes that no longer fit. Spring cleaning is great for getting your house in order, but it also creates a bit of a conundrum: what do you do with all of the clothes that either no longer fit or can’t be used as hand-me-downs? Continue reading


Spring Cleaning Tips for Last-Minute Moms

If you’re like us, you’ve probably waited until the last possible moment for taking care of any kind of Spring Cleaning. It’s easy to keep going once you’ve gotten started, but it’s that initial momentum that you need to propel you into a Spring Cleaning frenzy that’s hard to come by. Continue reading

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5 Brilliant Playroom Ideas for Organization

The playroom – it can quickly go from being a fun place for your kids to get creative into a giant whirlwind of chaos. With small toys, stuffed animals, crayons, markers and all other manner of supplies designed to keep your little one engaged and entertained for (hopefully!) more than five minutes, it’s not difficult to see how your kids’ playroom can quickly morph into a disaster area. Continue reading