Battle Boredom: 50 Super Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Summer time is great – no more waking up early to take kids to school, family vacations to the beach, and lots and lots of free time for the kids to participate in summer activities. That is, until boredom hits. Any seasoned parent knows that once the newness of summer of wears off, the kids can get a little bored. That’s why we’ve rounded up 50 fun summer activities for kids that will keep them entertained all summer long!

50 Great Summer Activities for Kids!

  1. Collect seashells
  2. Build a sandcastle
  3. Participate in a beach scavenger hunt (link)
  4. Have boogie board races (link)
  5. Make your own book with crayons, cardboard (for the cover), and markers
  6. Create your own science experiments (link)
  7. Bake cookies or cupcakes
  8. Roast hot dogs over a campfire (in the back yard)
  9. Write 15 minute play, cast it, and then act it out
  10. Plant a vegetable garden
  11. Play a game of kickball outside
  12. Set up a lemonade stand in the neighborhood
  13. Make a bag out of an old t-shirt (link)
  14. Have a tea party, complete with crumpets
  15. Take a nature hike in your backyard (find and identify different types of flowers, trees, insects, and creatures)
  16. Host a family movie night with popcorn and ice cream (link)
  17. Have a family board game night
  18. Have a water gun fight in the yard
  19. Lay outside and night and find constellations
  20. Have an impromptu dance party
  21. Learn a new language with a free app for kids (link)
  22. Learn how to cook a simple kid’s lunch or dinner dish
  23. Plant a flower bed
  24. Put together a puzzle
  25. Make a t-shirt with fabric paint
  26. Play in the sprinklers
  27. Print out a map and plan a make believe world wide trip
  28. Make a wind chime out of items you find outside (sticks, shells, rocks, etc.)
  29. Make a masterpiece with finger paints and canvas
  30. Set up a tent and go camping in the backyard
  31. Create an outdoor art gallery by making artwork with sidewalk chalk outside on the driveway
  32. Make a fort or house out of a large cardboard box
  33. Take a crafts class or kids workshop at local stores like Michael’s, Home Depot, or Lowe’s
  34. Take a trip to a local park
  35. Visit a local museum or historical site
  36. Find and attend a summer festival
  37. Visit the local zoo or aquarium
  38. Take a trip to a farm to pick local produce
  39. Play a round of miniature golf at a local amusement park
  40. Visit a local fair
  41. Go to a local playground
  42. Take a bike ride around the neighborhood
  43. Attend a pro or semi-pro sports game
  44. Go to a story time at your local library
  45. Take a class at your local rec center
  46. Go fishing at a local pond or lake
  47. Go to a local garage sale and search for bargains
  48. Attend a local concert or play
  49. Pick wild flowers at a local park or outdoor area
  50. Have a Wii video competition (with Wii tennis or Wii bowling or Wii boxing)


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