4 Uniquely Southern Traditions That Every Southern Gal Will Understand

Us Southern gals are a different breed. We talk with a drawl, love our sweet tea, and take our manners as seriously as we take our football. In fact, we’d venture to say that if you grew up in the South or have made the South your home for the last decade, you’ve probably picked up some of these uniquely Southern traditions that make life in the South so special and so fun.

1. Wreaths Aren’t Just for Christmas

In the South, we take our holiday decorating pretty seriously. And every Southern woman knows that the centerpiece of every holiday themed design is a good door wreath. But unlike other places, we don’t just limit our wreaths to Christmas. We have wreaths for Halloween, Easter, The 4th of July – heck, we’ll even make our own for birthdays and special family occasions.

2. We Still Meet Up For Good Ole Fashioned Card Games

When you were growing up, your mom probably headed off once a month to a girls night of playing Pokeno, Bingo, or some other game where she’d meet up with her group of friends, hang out, eat finger foods, and come home happy. Now that we’re grown up with families of our own, we’ve adopted the tradition too.

3. Being a Guest Means Feeding People

I don’t know if anything is more uniquely Southern than the importance of food in social situations. Invited to a friend’s house for a birthday party? Better whip up some appetizers. Heading to a dinner with family? Time to cook a quick casserole. We wouldn’t dare show up to someone’s home without a gift – and that gift is usually food.

4. We Dress our Children in Smocked Clothing

Sure, we could follow the trends and dress our children in stylized versions of whatever’s in season. But there’s something so much sweeter about treating children like children and dressing them in the timeless classics that our mothers dressed us up in. Smocked clothing just allows kids to look like kids. No need to push them to grow up too fast – they already do that on their own.


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