Stay Smart This Summer: 3 Educational Games for Kids

Summer is a great time to relax and spend quality time with the kids, but it can also throw off schedules and cause kids to forget everything they spent the last 10 months learning. So how do you help them retain all of the important subjects and lessons they covered in school and have fun at the same time? Educational games for kids that provide entertainment and learning! Here are three games that are perfect for summer boredom.

1. Diggin’ in the Dirt

There’s not a kid in the world who doesn’t enjoy getting a little dirty outside. This game combines that love of getting a little messy with actually learning about the Earth and what types of layers make up the dirt outside. You’ll need a few things for this game: Plastic pail, plastic shovel, glass jar, sand, clay, gravel, topsoil, and water. Start by taking an adventure outside to collect the different types of dirt – gravel, clay, sand, and topsoil. You might need to go to the park or other outdoor areas to collect everything you need. Once you’ve found everything, have your child begin filling up the glass jar about halfway full. Have them study each layer and point out the differences between the clay, the gravel, the sand, and the topsoil. Once the jar is halfway filled, fill the rest of the jar with water. Have your child screw the lid on tight and shake it around until everything is mixed up. Let the jar sit for an hour so that the dirt can settle and have your little one make a guess about what the dirt will do once it’s settled. After it’s settled, have your child check the jar to see what it’s done – the dirt will have settled back into layers!

2. Guess That Tree’s Age!

This game is best played in a backyard filled with trees. Choose 5 trees that are taller than your kiddo – preferably full-grown trees, though, since they’ll be older and more fun. All you need is a loose measuring tape, a pen, and a piece of paper. The circumference around the widest part of the tree trunk in inches is the approximate age of the tree in years. Start by picking a tree. Have each person make a guess as to how old the tree is in years. Next, have someone measure the tree by wrapping the measuring tape around the largest part of the base of the tree. Whoever comes the closest to guessing the age is the winner. Play with 5 or 6 trees – the person who guesses the most correctly, wins.

3. Pass it Down

Pass it Down is a great way to entertain your little ones (especially 4-6 year olds) and brush up on some math skills at the same time! Start by gathering the pieces for the game: A small bowl, 5 dice, and 5 pennies for each player. The game has four basic rules: 1) Each player starts with 5 dice per roll; if they gain any pennies, they still roll 5 dice. But if they lose any pennies and have less than 5, they get to roll the same number of dice as they have pennies. 2) If you roll a 1, you put a penny in the cup. If you roll a 2, you pass a penny to the person on you’re right. If you roll a 3, pass a penny to the person on your left. A roll of 4, 5, or 6 does nothing. 3) Keep playing the game until someone accumulates all of the pennies. Whoever ends up with all of them wins the game!

Do you have any great educational games for kids? Share them with us in the comments!


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