Growing up, I always loved Easter.

Easter meant egg hunts, frilly dresses, big hats, church on Sunday, and family gatherings complete with ham, deviled eggs, and coconut cake! Easter was a time to celebrate newness and rebirth.  My Easter basket was always filled to the brim and always included a new stuffed bunny, a large chocolate animal, and other little surcees found in tin Easter eggs (which I recently saw listed as “vintage” on ebay! oh my!).  The sun was always shining and freshly bloomed azaleas served as the backdrop to capture beautiful family photos.  

Nowadays it seems as though we spend this special holiday rushing to find just the right Easter basket items to make our presentation Pinterest worthy. We barely notice the joy on our children’s faces because we are scrambling to get out of the house.  We are determined to make it to church, but sadly are preoccupied with making sure we leave service quickly to get food in the oven before family arrives.  The freshly bloomed azaleas are forgotten and instead replaced with 100 cell phone photos with our selfie stick, trying to get the perfect one to post on Facebook!

This season, we are committing to slow down and smell the azaleas! We live in a fast paced world but we can still maintain family traditions and even put a new spin on them.

Easter Baskets

  • Plan ahead!  Decide on a couple of key items that will be a tradition and don’t stress.  Our Easter basket always includes a swimsuit and special candy not found in a typical CVS like these gourmet chocolates from See’s Candies.
  • Need an alternative?  Pressed for space or for time?  Use a cute monogrammed canvas bag or these adorable pails from our friends at Teacups and Trucks

Egg Hunts

  • Don’t try to make it to 4 egg hunts each year!  This only stresses you out and takes away from the experience.  Pick your favorite egg hunt or two and enjoy your time.  
  • Need an alternative?  For older kids, plan a glow in the dark egg hunt!!  For step by step directions: check out Lil Luna’s tutorial. 
  • Secret Discount Code “traditions”

Easter Apparel

  • There are so many options for every budget and taste, this need not be a stresser!  I like to choose two or three options, depending on our plans.  For example: our Tab Dress for girls and Tab Shortall for boys is an adorable piece with so many options to change the look by changing the tabs!  
  • For a traditional look, the smocked Bunny Bishop or Bunny Bubble for girls and the Blue Pique Short Sets for boys is perfect!
  •  Need an alternative?  For a super fun look, check out our Lilac Bow Back Dress and pair it back to boys blue line.

What are some of your favorite Easter traditions?  Share with us how you are able to keep traditions alive and what alternatives you choose in your fast paced life.  Like and follow our blog, and find the secret 20% off discount code within this blog to use on your next purchase.

10 thoughts on “Easter Traditions

  1. Tonya

    I continue Easter traditions in my family with new frilly dresses, new socks and shoes, a chocolate bunny, and egg hunts!

    1. Sarah

      I love when our Easter bunny brings a new swimsuit and new flip flops for summer! I also love to coordinate our 4 girls for Easter service!


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