8 Unique Kids Birthday Gift Ideas

With school in session, homework isn’t the only thing that happens with regular frequency. Birthday parties start up in full swing, and it seems like a weekend rarely goes by when there isn’t at least one birthday party to attend. And that also means that you need to have an arsenal of kids gifts around so that you’re not scrambling at the last minute to find the perfect gift.

But, if you are looking for kids birthday gift ideas at the last minute, here are eight great gift ideas that every child will love.

  1. Dinosaur Tattoos – Who doesn’t like removable tattoos? And these feature a fun range of dinosaurs that kids will love. They go on easily and come off even more easily – a perfect gift for every kid.
  1. Bathtime Bubbles – These bath toys will make bath time much more fun. The stackable bubbles have suction cup bottoms that allow them to be stacked or shaped into fun creations.
  1. My Awesome Book – A book in a box gives kids the option to be creative and write, design, and illustrate their own hard cover books. Once they finish the design process, a fully bound hard cover book is sent to them just a few weeks later, so they can see the fruits of their labor.
  1. GoldieBlox – GoldieBlox is an inventive toy that helps girls improve their engineering skills through great storytelling and fun challenges. For example, one project might be to float in a local parade. Each box comes with all of the necessary supplies and instructions to build each project.
  1. Crayon Rocks – Great for younger children who are still building their motor skills, crayon rocks are pretty much exactly what you’d think they were: bulky crayons shaped like rocks. Their larger shape helps them be gripped more easily by small hands, and they’re also made of all natural and non-toxic ingredients.
  1. Building Brick Light Switch Plate – What’s better than a regular light switch? A LEGO light switch plate that lets you create your own LEGO creations on your room’s light switch.
  1. Tin Can Robot – The best gifts are the ones that teach while they entertain. Toysmith is one of those companies, and their Tin Can Robots make perfect birthday presents. The Tin Can Robot comes equipped with all of the supplies that you need to make your own robot out of a soda can, which makes it fun and educational.
  1. Construction Plate Utensils – With this set of utensils, playing with your food is acceptable. It comes with a plate that’s set up like a construction area, complete with a fork, spoon, and knife that are designed to look like large construction machines.

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