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A Mothers Day Crafts Project That Will Warm the Heart

Mothers Day is a special holiday for us moms. It usually means we get showered with hugs and kisses, get special crafts and notes from our kiddos at school, and just generally get to enjoy attention from our children.

But it’s also important to recognize other moms who may not have little ones at home anymore. So this year, have your little one help you craft a sweet mothers day craft for another mom who deserves it. It could be a grandmother, an aunt, or just a friend – either way, it’ll bring a smile to their face.

Mothers Day Craft: Festive Floral Bracelet

All moms like two things: stuff that their children made and jewelry. Combine those two things, and you’ve got a winner of a mothers day craft. These festive floral bracelets can be made in one of two ways: fresh flower bracelet and (the longer-term) fake flower bracelet. These are benefits to each one: the fresh flower bracelet will smell amazing, but the fake flower bracelet will last forever. To make a floral bracelet even more eye-popping, choose different colors and types of flowers. Once you choose which one you’d prefer to give, you’re ready to pick up the supplies and get going.

What You’ll Need:

  • Bouquet of fresh flowers with thick stems OR
  • Fake flower blooms – 15-20
  • Scissors
  • Floral Tape
  • Floral Wire


Start by cutting down the individual flower blooms. Leave two inches of stem, but cut the remaining stems off. Measure out around 30″ – 35″ of floral wire. Create a circle that can easily slide over your wrist, and then wrap the additional wire around a few times to create a thicker base for the bracelet. Wrap the ends of the wire into the circle to create a smooth end on each side

Start by using the floral tape to tape a single bloom to the floral wire. Tape just under the base of the bloom. The stem should stick out a bit, but if it’s too long you can cut it shorter. Keep taping each subsequent bloom just under the last bloom until you make it all around the wire.

And you’re done! Take your floral bracelet, write a Happy Mothers Day note on it, and give it to your favorite mom!

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