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Christmas Crafts for Kids: 5 Ways to Beat Boredom During the Break

Christmas and New Years break is the longest break of the school year, so it’s smart parenting to be prepared for the inevitable boredom that’s sure to settle in once the excitement of the holidays wears off. Luckily, there’s no shortage of christmas crafts for kids that will keep your little ones interested and engaged (and hopefully out of trouble). Here are five of our favorite crafts that your family will love doing together.

1. Gingerbread Man Garland

This Christmas craft is easy and great for both younger and older children. And, because the garland is decorative, you can use it as a Christmas decoration for your tree or your mantle, which can be passed down and used from year to year. They can be as simple or complex as you like – the basic versions use only construction paper and crayons, but you can add buttons, glitter, glue, and ribbon to decorate each of your gingerbread men. Find the full instructions on how to make these fun strands of garland here.

2. Festive Ornament Fillers

Let your kids make their own DIY ball ornaments that they can use to decorate the tree. You can find plastic ball ornaments at your local craft store, which have a top that’s removeable. Pop the top off and add in fuzzy garland, ribbons, and glitter to make them bright and festive. Get some great ideas for contents here in this article on Real Simple.

3. Fun Holiday Hats

Make Christmas dinner more fun for your little ones by letting them create and wear fun holiday hats. Start by choosing a fun printed paper and some fun adornments like pom poms and bells. You can get the quick instructions for creating these holiday hats here.

4. Matchbox Gifts

Collect all of those matchboxes that accumulate over the years, and let your kids make these fun matchbox gifts. Matchbox gifts take small matchboxes and make them into tiny presents, which can fit small beads or trinkets inside. They make great kid gifts, and can also store notes from children to their parents and other family members. Find full instructions on how to make these great matchbox Christmas crafts here.

5. Peppermint Ornaments

Christmas crafts for kids are fun, but food crafts are always better. Let your children make more Christmas decorations and tree ornaments with peppermint candies with this fun craft.  All you need are a handful of round peppermints and cinnamon candies, and you can make tiny peppermint wreaths that are perfect for the tree.

Do you have any holiday Christmas crafts for kids that you love? Share them with us in the comments!

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