How to Make DIY Wall Art for your Kids’ Room

Decorating your kid’s room – it can be difficult to keep it from looking like a typhoon just blew through, much less coordinating actual design elements. One simple way to really bring a kids’ room together is to add paintings or wall hangings. However, picking up a painting isn’t always the most cost-effective method of decorating kids room walls (nor is it always the most realistic option since children have a way of destroying nice things on occasion). A better alternative is to create your own DIY wall art for your son or daughter’s room. Bonus points: you can create it with your kid, and have a fun project to collaborate on.

Cute Cutout Letters

A great way to add some style to a wall and give a room a little personalization is by creating lettered cutouts of your little one’s name. Or, you could even create cutout letter wall hangings with a nickname or short phrase. Whichever you choose, you can choose from a range of fonts and download stencils from this site. Once you decide what type of stencil you want to use, download it and print it out on large paper (11×14 usually works well if you’re using larger sized letters. Otherwise, standard 8 1/2×11 should work fine.

Stencil out the letters on foam board (which you can find for cheap at Michael’s or sometimes at the Dollar Store), and cut each one out individually. You might want to use a box cutter to make it easier. Then, choose a fabric (both printed and solid colors work really well for this type of project) to wrap each letter in.

Flip the fabric so that the pattern is facing down. Lay the cutout letter on top, and use scissors to cut around, allowing for about 3-4 inches of additional fabric around the letter. Pull the fabric tight around the back of the letters, and use gorilla glue or cement to attach them to the back of the letters. For angles, attach one side with glue before folding the fabric to make a neat crease and gluing the other side down. After you finish each letter, attach wire hangers (the same kind that you use to hang picture frames or artwork) to the back of each letter. Hang on the wall or prop up against a shelf. And because they’re made of foam board, they’ll be light enough to hang easily.

Stenciled Quote

Another fun way to create DIY wall art is to stencil a favorite quote, poem, or passage from a book to your child’s wall. This project requires being able to project a quote onto a wall for tracing. Though don’t panic if you don’t have one of those gigantic teacher’s overhead projectors – there are lots of smaller alternatives for DIY projects. You can purchase smartphone projects for a few hundred dollars, or you can make your own projector with a little bit of ingenuity, cardboard, and a few tools. The easiest and most cost effective option, though (and the one we recommend) is to buy a build-your-own projector kit for around $25 and use that to project the image of the quote or saying that you want to create on your wall.

Once you have your quote projected onto the wall where you want to paint it, use paint pens (from Michael’s or another craft store) to trace over the words. You can switch out colors or try varying pen tip widths to create a more interesting visual.

Tissue Paper Art

Bring out your inner contemporary artist with tissue paper art that is quick and simple, but looks like an actual piece of art. Start by picking up a few blank canvases at a local craft store. Depending on the wall you’re trying to decorate, you might want to get one large canvas or a few smaller ones to create a sort of wall collage.

Pick up tissue paper from a craft store (opt for the cheapest ones, as those are usually the thinnest, and that will work in your favor for this project). Cut out some different shapes or various colors of the same shape. You really can’t go wrong here – just create interesting color and shape combinations that you like. Arrange the tissue paper pieces on the canvas. Once you have an arrangement that you like, slowly use a paint brush to brush Mod Podge (a clear liquid that’s used in decoupage) over your tissue paper cutouts on the canvas. Go slowly to avoid wrinkling the paper. Once you have everything covered, let the Mod Podge dry and then add on a second coat. After it dries, you’ll have a DIY modern masterpiece for your walls!



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