4 Ways to Personalize Your Kid’s Playhouse

Once upon a time, every child below the age of 10 wanted two things: a pony and a treehouse. These days, a non-tree playhouse is on the wish list of most kids. Luckily, it’s never been easier to throw up a quick playhouse structure outside or pick one up from any number of kids stores and home supply providers – even Home Depot, Walmart, and Target have their own versions of a kids playhouse and they’re not terribly expensive.

However, one of the more fun aspects of getting your child their own outdoor space to be creative and have fun in is to really make it their own. Luckily, we’ve got some tips on how to make your kids playhouse more personal and unique. Here are four easy (and affordable!) tips.

1. Add a Coat of Bright Paint

We’re always surprised at how much a quick coat of paint can transform a space, and improving a child’s play space is no different. Since most playhouses come in an unfinished wood color, painting the outside or even the inside – can really make a kids playhouse feel like their own. Let your kid choose their favorite paint color so that they can be part of the process. Hues that are bold and bright are great for making a playhouse look bright and cheery. And remember, since it’s a play space, the wackier the color combos, the better!

2.  Use Lots of Cozy Blankets and Rugs Inside

One thing that can instantly make a space more cozy is adding fabric. Choose an outdoor rug that will hold up to the pressures of little feet, but won’t get gross if it stays outside. Ikea has some great outdoor rugs that are both cheap and have fun, colorful prints. You can even layer lots of rugs on the ground for a more bohemian look (similar to our Serendipity line!). To make it even more comfy, add lots of outdoor throw pillows and cushions in bright colors (you can find these easily at Home Depot and Lowe’s) and a blanket or two.

3. Adorn the Walls with DIY Art

To spruce up the walls, set aside a day for making fun wall art with your little one. Grab some canvases from Michael’s or an art supply store. Or, use stencils to write or paint names or favorite quotes on the wall. You can even have your child paint a mural! There’s really no limit to how you can make your own DIY wall art. Here are some tips, though!

4. Add Some Small Landscaping

Finally, the best way to make the outside of your kids playhouse look as great as it does on the inside is to add some small landscaping to the outside. Even better is that planting some trees and flowers (and maybe even some vegetables and fruits) is a great way to teach your child about responsibility by letting them take care of the plants and remember to water them each day. Not only will the make your kids playhouse look beautiful, they’ll also teach them great lessons and provide them with the satisfaction of taking care of and growing something.

Do you have a kids playhouse? How have you decorated it? Share your tips with us in the comments!


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