Keep Your Kids Entertained With These 4 Fun Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

Thanksgiving break is less than a week away, and along with travel and planning big family meals, that also means a week off from school for the kids. Do you have anything planned for the holiday break boredom? If not, we’ve got you covered with some fun Thanksgiving crafts for kids that will help keep little ones entertained (and hopefully out of trouble).

1. Shoebox Mayflower

Make your Thanksgiving crafts for kids educational this year, and try out this Mayflower boat made from a box, some printer paper, a few plastic straws, and some paint. Start by using a small box (a brown one is perfect, so that you don’t have to worry about painting it). The box should be small – a shoebox or the small box that sticks of butter come in are perfect. Cut the top off so that you have a rectangle without a top (or if you’re using a shoebox, just use the bottom portion). Use brown paint to paint the outside of the box brown, of use brown construction paper to cover the outside of the box.

Next, using printer paper, cut out four squares (these will be your Mayflower sails). Cut two small horizontal slits into the middle of each sail and slide two of the sails onto each plastic straw. Take two small balls of clay or play dough and stick the bottom of each straw into a ball of clay. Stick the sails inside the box. Pull the front of the box out a little, to make a triangular point in the front of the boat. Use a black marker to write “Mayflower” on the side of the boat. Now, it’s time to play!

2. Thanksgiving Bead Necklaces

Use as box of rigatoni pasta to create a Thanksgiving themed necklace with your child. Start by laying newspaper down and spreading pieces of uncooked rigatoni pasta on the newspaper. Use acrylic paint to decorate the individual pieces of pasta. Be creative – use bright colors to paint the entire pasta strands or draw patterns and images. Let the pasta dry completely before moving on to the next step. Once the pieces are dry, string them onto a piece of yarn and tie securely at the back.

3. Balloon Turkey

For a few quick and easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids, grab a couple of balloons, some construction paper (in various colors) and some clear tape. Cut out a turkey body and head for the front of the balloon, and let each child create, color, and cut out individual turkey feathers (4-5 is perfect!). Blow up each balloon and take a cutout construction paper turkey body and tape to the front of the balloon. Let each child tape their turkey feathers onto the back of the turkey, so that they poke out above and from behind the balloon. And you’re done! Fun balloon turkeys that can be tossed in the air and provide hours of playtime.

4. Construction Paper TeePee

For more Thanksgiving crafts for kids, try these super cute Construction Paper TeePees, which can also double as name cards for the kids’ table during Thanksgiving dinner. Start with brown construction paper, and let your kiddos decorate their sheet with colors, paint, or even other construction paper cutouts of different colors. Once the construction paper is decorated, fold the paper into a cone, with the decorated side on the exterior. Use a small piece of tape to secure the paper into a cone (tape on the inside to avoid messing up any of the paint or drawings), making sure that you leave a small v-shaped opening at the front (as the entrance to the teepee).


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