5 Child Friendly Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

For super cute Thanksgiving decoration ideas that you can create with your kids, look no further than these five adorable ideas. From outside decorations to Thanksgiving dinner table centerpieces, there’s plenty of DIY crafts that you and your kids can create together.

1. Mason Jar Candles

These Mason Jar Candles make great Thanksgiving decoration ideas. But they’re also Fall-themed, which means they can be used for Thanksgiving and well after. They also work indoors and outdoors, and they’re fun to make. Start by collecting a few mason jars (you can find these at craft stores like Michaels, or just clean out some old jam jars). Collect large Fall leaves (larger, thicker leaves work best), and round up a can of Mod Pods, some yarn or twine, and some tea light candles.

Use the Mod Podge to glue the leaves onto the outside of your mason jars. Tie a piece of yarn or twine around the circumference of the jar and finish off with a bow. Finish by placing a tea light candle inside. When you light them, the light will shine through the orange and yellow Fall leaves, producing a lovely glow. Use outside to line the sidewalk to your front doors or place indoors in windows or on the dining table as part of your Thanksgiving centerpiece.

2. Painted Pumpkin Centerpiece

The best Thanksgiving decoration centerpieces are always simple, so this year try this simple, but glam centerpiece idea. Take 2-3 medium sized pumpkin and buy silver and gold spraypaint. Go outside where there’s a lot of airflow and put down some plastic covering or newspapers. Spray paint the pumpkins silver, gold, and white to create a simple and elegant color pattern. Older children can help spray paint the pumpkins, but small kids might need to sit this part out. Let the pumpkins dry completely before bringing them indoors. Once they’re completely dry, tie silver and gold ribbon around the stems to complete the look.

3. Tiny Pumpkin Place Cards

If you’ve got friends and family coming over for Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll need to create place cards so that people can find their seat at the dinner table. For a fun and low-cost alternative to printed or handwritten place holders, try using tiny pumpkins instead. You can almost always pick these up at your local pumpkin patch, or if you’re in a hurry, your local grocery. these should be small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Purchase acrylic paint in whatever colors you prefer – for a modern look, choose white; for a glamorous look, go with gold; and for something offbeat, try a light blue or pink color.

Put down newspaper before you start, and use a large flat paintbrush to brush the paint over the pumpkin. Let them dry completely before bringing it inside and placing it on the table. Tie a name tag with each dinner attendee’s name to a piece of paper with festive ribbon and voila! You’ve got an adorable Thanksgiving decoration that guests can take home with them when they leave.

4. Pine Cone Garland

It doesn’t get much easier than this pine cone garland, which requires just two things: a pile of pine cones (which are more than plentiful in the South) and a long piece of thick yard. Start by tying a loop at one end of the yard. Measure out 3-4 inches of string, and at every section, tie the string around the tip of the pine cone, securing it tightly. Keep doing this until you’ve got enough garland to hang across a wall or fireplace mantel (we suggest 9-10 pine cones worth). Once you’ve added as many pine cones as you want, secure the other end with a loop. Hang each end on a nail or push pin.

5. Glittery Fall Leaves

A simple and fun Thanksgiving decoration accessory is glittery leaves. Have your little one go outdoors and collect large, bright Fall leaves. Next, use basic Elmers glue to create fun patterns on each leaf. This part can be really fun and creative for younger kids. Before the glue dries, sprinkle colorful glitter onto the leaf. Let the glue dry and then carefully brush off the excess glitter. Now you’ve glittery Thanksgiving decorations that are perfect for accenting your dinner table. Or, hang them above the table for even more of a statement.

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