4 Fabulous Kids Hairstyles Perfect for Back to School

Sometimes you don’t have a lot of options for dressing up school attire – especially if your child’s school has strict clothing requirements. If your kids wear uniforms, there’s even less opportunity for showing off individuality, unless you opt for some funky-looking socks (if that’s even allowed). But one place where you can alway show a little creativity in appearance is with your hairstyle.

These fun kids hairstyles are not so over-the-top that they’ll cause people to stop in the hallway, but they are fun and kid-friendly enough that they’ll make getting ready in the morning fun and entertaining. Here are three of our fave styles.

Zig Zag Ponytail


This style is especially adorable for smaller kids. You’ll need six hair clips and six elastic ponytail holders. Start by brushing hair down and sectioning it into six equal sections: two at the front of the scalp, two in the middle of the head, and two at the base of the scalp. Use clips to hold them in place, while you tie off each section. Start by taking the two sections at the front of the head, and tying them each into a ponytail. Next, take the ponytail on the left, and add those strands to the middle section on the right, and tie those into a ponytail. Do the same thing with the front right ponytail, and add the ends to the left middle section of hair, and secure with a ponytail. You should have four pony tails now, that criss cross in the middle. Finally, do the same thing with the sections at the base of the scalp. Secure those strands with elastic ponytail holders, and you’re done! The final product should look like two pigtails that zig zag up the head (see photo above).

Twist Ponytail

Put your child’s hair into a high ponytail (with the base of the ponytail on the top of the head). Divide the ponytail into two equal strands. Braid one strand all the way down and secure with a small elastic. Take the other strand and twist it tightly to the end of the ponytail. Then, twist the two strands around each other all the way to the end, and secure with another small elastic. And there you go – a 5 minute hairstyle that’s fun and funky.

The Bow Bun

This one is a slightly more involved hair ‘do, but still relatively easy in the grand scheme of cool hair styles. Start by pulling hair into a high ponytail on top of the head, but before you pull the hair completely out, leave one-third pulled out (it should look like a loop with a strand of hair hanging out of the elastic band underneath). Pull the ponytail loop tight, and split the hair down the middle into two equal sections. Use bobby pins to pin each side down to the hair to create the initial shape of the bow. Next, take the strand of hair hanging below, and wrap it up and over the middle section of the hair that’s split in the middle. You may need to wrap it a few times, so that you don’t have any hair left over. Once you’ve wrapped it, tuck it into the elastic ponytail holder, and secure with another bobby pin. Fluff each side, and you’ve got an adorable bow-shaped bun!

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