5 Ways to Use Monogram Initials

If ever there was a trend in the South, it would be monogram initials. Aside from being functional and useful for keeping track of your little one’s possessions (like beach towels) and personalizing clothing (think monogrammed shirts and swimsuits), they’re also just adorable. In fact, there are a million and one unique ways to use monogram initials for you, your kids, and in your home. Here are five of our favorites!

1. Monogram Initials on Kids Clothing

Monogram initials on clothing is nothing new, but now there are way more options for monogramming kids clothing. Monogram initials can be put on anything from boys t-shirts to girls cotton dresses to kids swimsuits. The options are pretty much endless. Add to that a wide variety of font options for monograms, and you’ve got a ton of options for creating outfits for your kids that are completely unique and individual.

2. Monogram Initials as Room Decor

One of the uses for monogram initials that a lot of people don’t necessarily think of is using it for home decor. Stenciling monogram initials on a wall (especially over a crib in the baby’s room) can be a great way to utilize wall space, personalize a room, and add a great DIY decorative wall element. Another great home decor idea is using monogram initial stencils to create a DIY particle board or plywood cutout of your family initials and attaching them to a wreath for a front door centerpiece. The Party Dress blog has a great example of a monogrammed door centerpiece.

3. Stuffed Animals with Monogram Initials

What better way to personalize beloved stuffed animals than with monogram initials of your kiddo’s name? Even cuter, you can have matching shirts for your little one and their favorite stuffed animal that has your child’s monogram initials on it. This adorable monogrammed stuffed animal from Embellish This on Etsy is perfect.

4. Monogram Initials to Personalize Belongings

Monogramming isn’t just for adding style to your clothing and belongings. It also serves as a great way to keep track of belongings. You can add monogram initials to almost anything, from kids backpacks to beach towels to purses and luggage to sneakers. It’s especially great for making sure kids don’t lose their possessions at school or at their friend’s homes, when they might have similar looking backpacks or personal items.

5. DIY Jewelry with Monogram Initials

DIY jewelry that features monogram initials is another popular trend that’s gaining a lot of traction. Necklaces and bracelets that feature stylized monogram initials are trendy, classic, and a great way to personalize your accessories. Even better, they make great gifts for both adults and kids. You can find a range of materials and styles on small boutique online stores like Personal Jewelry on Etsy, and even from large online retailers like Bauble Bar.