4 Things We LOVE About Monogramming

It’s no secret that here at Shrimp & Grits Kids, we LOVE monogramming. In fact, we recently launched our monogramming service where you can personalize your kiddo’s outfits with adorable initials. But aside from the personalization factor, there are so many more reasons to love monogramming. Here are four reasons why we just can’t get enough of monogramming.

  1. They Date Back to Greek Royalty. Monogramming has been dated back to Greek royalty, who used to emblazon their coins with the initials of royalty. In fact, monogramming can be found throughout history in the homes of royalty and the elite. And monogramming really hit a peak in the Victorian era, when monograms could be found on everything from bed linens to silverware.
  1. They’re Great for Commemorating Life Events. One common theme we’ve seen with monogramming is that it’s often used to commemorate life events, such as a new baby, getting married, or moving into a new home. In fact, monogramming is a great way to add a more personal touch to a gift celebrating a major life event. Think: a monogrammed welcome mat, a monogrammed baby blanket, or his and hers monogrammed bath towels.
  1. Monogramming is Classic. Whatever you’re looking to monogram, adding monograms just makes everything classic and unique. A simple towel becomes more interesting and more elegant with a simple monogram. And adding monogramming to a children’s dress or shirt just instantly makes it more special.
  1. They Provide Personalization. When you have kids around the same age, personalizing clothing and possessions is not only fun, it’s also functional. Monogramming shirts, beach towels, backpacks, and other objects can help you stay organized.

What about you? What do you LOVE about monogramming? What’s the most unique thing you’ve ever had monogrammed? Let us know in the comments!

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