Boys Christmas jumpers

The Best Boys Christmas Jumpers for the Holidays

It’s almost Christmas-time! Woo! Now that we’ve gotten all that excitement out of the way, it’s time to start thinking about how to dress your little gentleman for the holiday season. For boys, there’s a pretty dizzying array of options, from pants and button down shirts to sweaters and adorable vests. But, if you really want something that will stand out, you can opt for a boys Christmas jumper.

Jumpers are one piece suits that come in both pants and shorts versions (hence the names longall and shortall). They’re perfect for younger boys, especially toddlers, since they’re comfy and allow for easy playing, crawling, and walking. So if you’re looking for cute boys Christmas jumpers for your little one this season, here’s the best boys jumpers (in our opinion). 😉

Santa Alligator Longall

If you’re looking for something fun and holiday-themed, choosing a boys longall that has a fun image or pattern featuring Christmas or holiday themes is perfect. The light blue gingham pattern in our Santa Alligator Longall keeps a traditional feel, but the smocked image of Santa being pulled by three alligators (doesn’t get more lowcountry than that!)

Christmas Plaid Longall

If your little one is more conventional and prefers to stick to the classics, then plaid is the right choice. You just can’t go wrong with traditional Christmas plaid in green and red. Our Christmas plaid longall also features three hand-smocked Santas across the chest, and is adorned with red gingham buttons. It’s super cute and super classic.

Aqua and Red Tab Longall

For a refreshing mix of classic and contemporary, try something like our Aqua and Red Tab longall. The light blue checkered pattern and the red accents still work great for Christmas, but are different enough to stand out in a crowd. The removable tab on the chest allows you to add monogramming for a more classic look, and when you take it off, you almost have a new outfit. Even better, this longall can be used far after Christmas to extend its life. No one-time outfits here!

What are your favorite boys Christmas jumpers? Do you prefer longalls or do you like two-piece boys sets? Share your thoughts  in the comments!


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