How to Layer Clothes During Unpredictable Fall Weather

If you’ve ever experienced Fall weather in the Southern states, you know how unpredictable it can be. 75 degrees and sunny at noon can quickly turn into 50 degrees and a light freeze by sun down. It’s frustrating and is the cause of those annoying month long sniffles, but it’s also just a fact of life. That’s why we always advocate for laying clothes to get through these unpredictable Fall and Winter days and nights.

If you’ve never tried to layer before, you might be kind of baffled at how to layer clothes without an outfit looking bulky or mismatched. Luckily, we’ve created one of our most popular children’s clothing lines around just that idea. Here’s how to layer clothes for kids like a pro.

Pair Dresses with Leggings

The legging and dress combo is your best weapon against unpredictable weather patterns. Leggings can easily turn a summer dress into a Winter staple. Take, for instance, our Clockwork Knot Dress which pairs perfectly with a range of colored leggings. We like these fun Gray Dot Ruffle Leggings because the color is perfect to accent brighter, bolder colors, but the polka dot pattern adds a bit of flair to the mix.

Layer Tank Dresses with Long Sleeve Undershirts

Sleeveless summer dresses are made even more functional when you’re able to pair a solid color long sleeved shirt underneath. That means more wardrobe choices and less seasonal wardrobe switches. You may as well get more use out of your kid’s clothing, right? A fun example is our Floral Tank Dress paired with Arrow Print Leggings and a Blanch Puff Sleeve Top. The white long sleeved under shirt adds a little more umph to the outfit with it’s playful ruffles on the sleeves.

Don’t Be Afraid of Mixing and Matching Patterns and Colors

If there’s one look every kid can pull off, it’s the mixing and matching of colors and patterns. In fact, it’s downright adorable when a child has multiple patterns mixed with fun colors. Looks like our “My Cup of Tea” Tunic have fun yellow, blue, pink, and gray patterns, and matched with our gray polka dot ruffle leggings, it’s a perfect outfit. You can even layer it underneath with a long sleeved shirt, or add a colorful sweater on top instead.

How do you like to layer your kid’s clothing for Fall weather?

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