Kids Room Decorating Ideas: How to Create a Reading Nook on a Budget

If ever there was a popular decorating trend for kids, it would be the reading nook. From every children’s decor store selling play tents repurposed as a reading space to a myriad of DIY tips on how to create the perfect privacy nook, creating a reading nook in your kid’s room isn’t terribly difficult and better yet – it can be done on a budget. Here are 6 kids room decorating ideas for creating the perfect cozy little reading nook for your child.

  1. Create Cozy Seating – The first thing needed to create a perfect kids reading nook is a comfortable place to sit and read. This could be a small chair, a pouf, a large body pillow, or even a small kids mattress. You can even reuse and re-purpose old furniture or couch cushions to create something totally comfy and unique.
  1. Throw in Some Pillows – A reading nook just wouldn’t be a reading nook without  lots of throw pillows. We like to use a variety of throw pillows of different shapes and different patterns. You could even throw one or two bright or metallic pillows in, as well. They add color to the space, and provide additional cushioning for lounging and reading.
  1. Add Privacy – Tucking a reading space away into a nook or creating a private little oasis is a perfect way to create a distraction-less place for your little one. To add privacy, you can hang fun, patterned curtains in a corner. This gives your child’s reading nook a private and fun feel, and it’s incredibly simple to set up.
  1. Bring in a Little Sparkle – sparkly garland or twinkle lights can bring some warmth to the reading nook. And, it helps little eyes see better when they’re reading in the evening. You can drape holiday lights around the wall inside and around the interior of the curtains hung for privacy to create a warm and inviting reading nook space.
  1. Add in Shelving or Storage – You can’t have a functional reading nook without storage for books. Our favorites are free-hanging shelves mounted to the wall on the inside of the reading nook. Freestanding shelves can also work, but make sure that they are mounted to the wall and stable – especially since they will be holding heavy books.
  1. Don’t Forget the Finishing Touch – To finish the space off, add in something special for your little one. Maybe that’s a favorite teddy bear or a poster with significant meaning. Whatever that little touch is, add it into the space so that it creates a special environment for your little one.

Have you ever created a reading nook for your child? How did you create it? What special touches did you add in? Share your best kids room decorating ideas with us in the comments!


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