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Happy Fall Y’all



Fall is right around the corner and we are all dreaming of pumpkin carving, candied apples, football season, and watching the leaves turn.  There is something about autumn and the cooler weather (especially if you are like us and live in the absolutely gorgeous, but hot and humid city of Charleston, SC) that brings smiles to our entire staff’s faces.

Each year, Megan does such a fantastic job of creating versatile options for our customers.  As I mentioned, we live in warmer temperatures and sometimes we have some warm Fall days.  Therefore, Megan is always conscious to create designs that are easy to layer for chilly days or wear alone when needed.  This season is no exception!  Our pumpkin collection is full of outfits perfect for pictures, trips to the pumpkin patch, family gatherings, and everyday wear.

Our Pumpkin Chest Smocked Bubble is hand smocked on precious white and blue check fabric. This bubble snaps at the crotch and is trimmed in white and orange gingham fabric. Available in size 3m-3T.

Our Pumpkin Collared Shortall is hand smocked on precious white and blue check fabric. This dress is pipped with white and orange gingham fabric and snaps at the crotch. This shortall with a pair of our knee socks, cutest outfit around!  Available in size 6m-3T.

Our Pumpkin Chest Smocked Dress is hand smocked on precious white and blue check fabric. This dress is trimmed in white and orange gingham fabric and buttons down the front. Available in size 6m-8.

Our Pumpkin Pant Set has a hand smocked tractor with pumpkins on a white soft knit t shirt with precious white and blue check fabric pants. Poly-cotton blend pants, 100% cotton t shirt.  Available in size 2T-6.

Our precious Santa/Pumpkin Reversible jumper and longall are unique because they are two outfits in one! One side is light blue and white gingham fabric with an adorable applique pumpkin. The reverse side is navy and white check fabric with a cute Santa applique! Perfect for many occasions-Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! Jumper available in size 12m-6 and longall available in size 6m-3T.

Whatever the occasion and however many children you have in your immediate or extended family, there are so many precious options to coordinate them all from our Pumpkin Collection! And we can hardly wait to see how you do it!




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5 Music Games for Kids That Will Encourage Learning

Having your child learn a musical instrument has been shown to provide all sorts of benefits. For instance, learning the piano has been linked to improved spatial-temporal reasoning (the ability to understand how complex things fit together and how they can be manipulated). Listening to music and understanding how to play an instrument can help kids improve their mathematical abilities, learn how to understand and manage their emotions, and also provide an outlet to keep their creative juices flowing. Continue reading


8 Classic Kids Books Every Family Should Own

Reading is an integral part of the childhood experience, and every family should keep a good stock of books available for their children to dive into. Along with fostering creativity, reading furthers brain development and is just plain fun. You can even make reading into an exciting routine for your little ones by creating a fun reading nook in their bedroom or playroom.

But what books should you stock up on? We think every family should own these 8 classic kids books. Which ones do you have, and which ones would you add to our list?

  1. Little House on the Prairie – Laura Ingles Wilder’s classic series, Little House on the Prairie is set in the the 1870s and follows the life Laura Ingles as a child growing up in the Midwest. The nine series novel isn’t ideal for toddlers or younger kids, but it’s great for family reading time for 6 years old and up.
  1. The Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh – We don’t know if there’s another series that’s as timeless as Winnie-the-Pooh. A.A. Milne’s tale of a teddy bear that lives in the Ashdown Forest and has adventures with his human friend, Christopher Robin (who was actually modeled after Milne’s son). The tales are sweet and cuddly, and make for perfect bedtime stories.
  1. The Little Prince – The Little Prince is also one of those books that is a timeless classic, and a great story too. Written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery and originally written in French, The Little Prince has been translated into almost every known language and is a children’s classic around the world. This story is really best for older children, around 3rd to 4th grade, especially if they’re reading it themselves.
  1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – A Mad Hatter at a tea party, the Queen of Hearts, a Cheshire Cat and falling down a rabbit hole? What child wouldn’t love Lewis Carroll’s imaginative world full of silly characters and off-the-wall adventures?
  1. Velveteen Rabbit – The Velveteen Rabbit is an oldie, but goodie from way back in 1922. The tale is about a toy Velveteen Rabbit that’s given to a little boy as a present. And the rabbit sits in the playroom with all of the other toys waiting for the day that the boy chooses him to play with. It’s widely known for its beautiful illustrations and is considered a great read for kids aged 3 and up.  
  1. The Complete Adventures of Curious George – Ah Curious George. Always getting himself into trouble. A silly monkey that finds himself in silly situations is pretty relatable for toddlers and early elementary school kids alike. The only downside is that these books might give your kiddos some ideas about how to get into mischief.
  1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – It’s probably safe to say that almost everyone has seen the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie at this point, but there’s probably a larger group that hasn’t actually read the book. And that’s a shame, because there are so many great nuances found in the writing that don’t necessarily translate onto the big screen. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is just a fun read for early to mid elementary school students.
  1. Goodnight Moon – Goodnight Moon is the quintessential bedtime book for toddlers. It’s illustrations are bright and fun to look at, the writing is short and easy to grasp, and it’s a good learning opportunity for 2-3 year olds who are learning new words and phrases.



How to Host an Outdoor Movie Night

Is it easy finding things to do to keep kids busy during the summer? Ask any mom and she’ll tell you the same thing: no way! Finding activities for the little ones and keeping them out of trouble is enough work. So why not create an activity that’s fun for the whole family to enjoy?

There are all types of DIY home movie theatres online, but it’s actually a lot easier than it looks. It does require purchasing a few pieces of equipment, but overall it’s a great setup to have for the future outdoor movie night. Here’s how to create one in your backyard. Continue reading


Beat the Heat With These Fun Family Games

For months during the school year, you dream about summer vacation – counting down the days until you no longer have to wake up early and get kids ready and out the door for school. And then summer gets here, and it’s wonderful. For two beautiful weeks, you sleep in and play games with the kids and all is perfect. Until boredom sets in, and then summertime becomes a constant battle of keeping kids entertained and engaged. Luckily, we’ve got a few fun family games that can keep the whole family having fun, even after summer vacation has lost a little of its luster. Continue reading


3 Wacky Science Experiments for Kids

Kids crafts and activities are fun, but the next time you’re looking for a fun activity for you and your little one, try one of these wacky science experiments for kids. They’re fun, but more importantly, they’ll provide an educational lesson or two. Continue reading

lowcountry cajun festival

Lowcountry Lowdown: Family Fun at the Lowcountry Cajun Festival

It’s FINALLY getting warmer here in Charleston after a few weeks of bitter cold (well, at least bitter cold to us Southerners), and that means it’s time to head outdoors and get into the festival spirit. If there’s one thing we Charlestonians love, it’s our festivals. And we’ve got one kicking off in a few weeks that’s going to be fun for the whole family. Continue reading