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4 Fun Fall Activities for Kids in Charleston

Back-to-school supplies have been bought and school is officially back in session, but have you made plans for those lazy Fall weekends when the kids start getting restless? If you’re in the Charleston area, you can take advantage of some of these great fall activities for kids. Continue reading


Our 3 Favorite Kid Friendly Restaurants in Charleston

Living in a city like Charleston, you learn pretty quickly to appreciate food. There’s no shortage of delicious eateries here from nationally renowned James Beard winning (that means fancy pants) restaurants to some of the best hole-in-the-wall seafood shacks this side of the Mississippi. But dining with kids isn’t means that hitting up that $100 a plate once-in-a-lifetime dinner isn’t always a possibility. Instead, you have to choose a place with a kid-friendly menu and an atmosphere that will be supportive (or at least pretend to be) if your child prefers┬áto wear the pasta, instead of eat it. Continue reading

charleston signs

4 Sure Signs You’re From Charleston

Charleston is a city with an irresistible charm. From the history, to the wealth of activities and sports for the outdoors enthusiasts, there’s pretty much something for everything. But for those of us that grew up here, Charleston isn’t so much of a place as it is a way of life and a set of shared experiences. With that said, there are a few experiences that almost feel unique to Charleston, and if you grew up here or have lived here for a while, you’ll probably agree. These four signs are a surefire signal that you were born and raised in this charming little port city. Continue reading

charleston carriage ride

Lowcountry Lowdown: Take a Charleston Carriage Ride

Once you live somewhere for a while – even if it’s a historic tourist city that draws people in from all over the world – you can get bogged down in day-to-day responsibilities and forget what makes your city so special. We know we’ve been there. That’s why we recently decided to reconnect with our Charleston roots and rediscover what makes this city such a great place to live and to visit. And where did we start? With a Charleston carriage ride, of course! Continue reading

Lowcountry Lowdown: Find Fun Indoors at the Charleston Kids Museum

We’re dead in the middle of winter in Charleston right now, and that means that the city which is normally full of life – especially downtown in the evenings – is pretty quiet. Forget evenings outside and weekends at the beach, everyone is bundled up during the day and staying mostly inside later on. We don’t take well to the cold here. ­čÖé Continue reading