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Teen Launches App to End Lunch Time Loneliness in Schools

Meet my hero and champion of kindness: Natalie Hampton. 

Natalie Hampton

Carolyn Hampton Photography

Natalie Hampton is a smart, beautiful, thoughtful, and kind 16 year old girl living in Los Angeles, California. Sadly, during her middle school years, Natalie was the victim of vicious bullying which left her feeling alone and rejected. Natalie’s lunches were spent at a table with no friends, no one to laugh and talk with, no one to share secrets with, no one.

Motivated by her experience and a personal mission to make sure no other students have to feel as lonely as she once did, Natalie recently created Sit With Us: an app that allows users to find friends within their school to sit with at lunch.  While the concept of socializing during school lunch may sound simple to many adults, try to imagine being in a high school environment with no one to sit with and being afraid of the embarrassment that rejection would bring if you allowed yourself to go ask a stranger to sit at their table.  Believe me, there are times when I could use this app as an adult. Don’t we all just want to feel safe and secure and know we are accepted?

sit with us app

Sit With Us available on Apple App Store

“Sit With US was born because I am committed to making sure that other kids don’t suffer as I did. I believe that seemingly small, incremental changes in the overall dynamic of a school community can bring about change, so that everyone feels welcome and included,” Hampton wrote on the app’s official website. “I believe that every school has upstanders like me, who are happy and willing to invite anyone to join the lunch table. It is my hope, with people pledging to be ambassadors at their schools, that no one will feel left out.”

sit with us app image

courtesy of Huffington Post

Natalie has gained National attention since founding this App and the word is spreading like wildfire.  The app is free, but users must take a pledge that they will welcome all people to sit at their table and work to make their school more inclusive.  If interested, you can visit Sit With Us to learn more about how your child can become an Ambassador at his/her school and spread the love and kindness that Natalie has initiated.  It takes a village and with the right tools in hand, just imagine what beautiful, compassionate, smart, and loving individuals we can send off into this world!

Kudos to Natalie!!  Thank you for being a Champion of Kindness!

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