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christmas crafts for kids

Christmas Crafts for Kids: 5 Ways to Beat Boredom During the Break

Christmas and New Years break is the longest break of the school year, so it’s smart parenting to be prepared for the inevitable boredom that’s sure to settle in once the excitement of the holidays wears off. Luckily, there’s no shortage of christmas crafts for kids that will keep your little ones interested and engaged (and hopefully out of trouble). Here are five of our favorite crafts that your family will love doing together. Continue reading

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Craft Ideas for Kids: Pool Noodle Racetrack

The best kinds of craft ideas for kids are ones that are simple and easy to execute. Bonus points if they are cheap, because we all know that children get bored easily and spending too much time and money on one activity is sure to be a budget drainer. Luckily, we stumbled upon some great craft ideas for kids that use pool noodles, which are fun, easy to handle, and super affordable. Continue reading


How to Make DIY Wall Art for your Kids’ Room

Decorating your kid’s room – it can be difficult to keep it from looking like a typhoon just blew through, much less coordinating actual design elements. One simple way to really bring a kids’ room together is to add paintings or wall hangings. However, picking up a painting isn’t always the most cost-effective method of decorating kids room walls (nor is it always the most realistic option since children have a way of destroying nice things on occasion). A better alternative is to create your own DIY wall art for your son or daughter’s room. Bonus points: you can create it with your kid, and have a fun project to collaborate on. Continue reading