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SGK Fall 2016 Sneak Peek: Call Me (Maybe?)

Hello sweet customers!  We are one day closer to the weekend….yay!  I hope you have all had an awesome week with your little ones, enjoying summer for all that it brings.

I’ve got an exciting sneak peek from our Fall 2016 Serendipity line for all of you tonight.  Full of color and whimsy, our Serendipity line is always a huge hit with pieces selling out quickly.  This season will be no different with adorable pieces like these!


How much are you loving this throw back fabric?  Rotary phones and all!  Call Me is a part of our Serendipity line and is sure to be a customer favorite this season.  The ruffles and other pieces in this line are perfect for layering and mix and match.  And don’t forget to order your matching doll dresses….they sell out every time!

Alright, I have to go for now.  TTYL!  CALL ME, MAYBE?  (Sorry….I couldn’t resist!!!)

XxOo Melanie

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Earlier this week, the SGK (Shrimp and Grits Kids) team loaded up and headed out to shoot our Fall 2016 clothing line. Having a company founded and based in the Lowcountry has given us the good fortune of beautiful backdrops for photo shoots.  This shoot was no exception.  We had the privilege of being on location at The Stables at Boals Farm, which provided endless opportunities to capture fun, new looks!  Join us as we go behind the lens to share location info and tips on how we capture looks for the catalog.

Located just outside of Charleston, SC, The Stables at Boals Farm has deep roots in sugar cane, horses, and family traditions.  In 1965, Ronald Boals, Sr. purchased the land and brought his own farming and equestrian talents to create The Boals Family Farm, which served as a gathering space for friends and family.  Currently, The Stables at Boals Farm serves as an event venue and working horse farm.  The 33 acre property has been in the Boals family for four generations and today is owned by Tommy Boals, Sr. and events are run by his son, Jason Boals, with assistance from his daughter, Ashley Truitt.  I recently attended an evening event at the farm and the venue truly provides a magical setting for special occasions. For more info and to book your next event at The Stables at Boals Farm, visit their website: www.boalsfarm.com.

We cannot wait to reveal our entire Fall 2016 line with you, but in the meantime we want to share a few outtakes from our photoshoot!  SGK is blessed to have the most precious and spirited children model for us. Each season we have some returning faces and some new faces (and names to learn!).  We try to create a setting in which the children are happy and relaxed, so we are not getting a stiff, over-posed look and so we can capture that special twinkle in each child’s eye.  With that being said….we are not afraid to get goofy and no tactics are left unexplored!!  Check out some of our tips to capture priceless photographs:

  • Choose a location that is inviting and kids are comfortable.  We love to shoot outdoors, both from a setting perspective (great backgrounds for photos and we prefer natural light, hands down), but also because kids love to be outdoors exploring!
  • Be silly!  We like to bring a stuffed (or real) animal along to our photoshoots.  We have a few faux furry friends that are super silly and always get the best laughs out of our models.  Sometimes we get lucky, like at the Boals Farm, and have live animals on set as well!
  • Relax and be patient.  Set the schedule so that each kid has time to relax and not feel pressured to perform. Let them get familiar with their surroundings, other children, and adults on set.
  • Kids are kids….do not set unrealistic expectations.  When choosing props or thinking through certain looks and poses for photoshoots, be realistic about what kids are capable of doing.  Often times a more simple look is better than trying new and unnatural poses.
  • Sometimes no smile is better!  How many of you have encouraged your children to smile on cue by using the infamous “say cheese” line?  I know I did!  Well, if your kids are like mine….sometimes saying “cheese” truly brings out the cheesiest smile.  Try this instead:  have children look in each other’s eyes or whisper a secret to one another (this always brings out the best laughs!!)
  • Be ready.  When photographing kids, perhaps one of the best tips of all is simply to be ready!  Kids are curious, unpredictable, and funny little people.  One minute they can be totally distracted or having a meltdown and the next- voila, you get your shot!

A frequent visitor and good friend, Red Stinky (the skunk), appears with Shrimp and Grits Kids owner and designer, Megan Hewitt, to tickle moms and other staff members resulting in big laughs from the kids.

Apples, Horses, and Fabulous Fall Fashion!!  What more could a girl ask for??  Gracelyn was all giggles for this friendly fella!

Caught in the process of jumping off the crate, Michael had a lot of fun demonstrating his super hero jumping powers!

Lilly Kate had the hang of it during her break….grabbing a snack and putting bunny ears on Uncle Mike to get the other kids to laugh!

Even our leaders get a little goofy!  Brittany, Marketing, and Ginny, Rep Coordinator, checking out the stables.

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XxOo Melanie