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SGK fly the coup

SGK Fall Sneak Peek : Fly the Coup with your BFF

It is Thursday afternoon and I am about ready to Fly the Coup with my BFF because I am up to my ears in summer schedules!  Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy to have them home, but boy, our days sure are busy!  So, I have to tell you that having the daily duty of sharing these cheerful pictures of our Fall SGK and Serendipity lines truly brings me joy. You all have been so kind with your comments….we are all enjoying your feedback on the upcoming lines and the entire design team thanks you for your loyalty.

Without further ado….I bring you our next previews!  If you are new to the blog, don’t forget to check out previous posts for more sneak peeks and hit the share button to spread the love.



During our chat about the upcoming line, SGK owner and designer, Megan Hewitt, told me that if she has it her way, her backyard just may become the swankiest petting zoo in town.  The Fly the Coup line is inspired by Megan’s not-so-secret obsession with animals and longing desire to own her very own chicken coup….in the backyard.  Right now she has settled with the most adorable bunnies, but Megan says, “If I have it my way, we WILL have a farm in the backyard!!”



Oh me, Oh my!  What do I spy?  MORE fun and whimsical designs from our Serendipity line!  I shared yesterday that Megan truly has a passion for this fun spirited knit line: Serendipity.  It really shows thru in the designs….perfect for school or play with your BFF.

Thanks for stopping by today!  All of these precious pieces will be available for purchase July 12th.

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XxOO Melanie