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SGK Fall 2016 Sneak Peek: More Classics Mixed with Puppies and Turkeys

Happy Hump Day!  We are celebrating with Fall sneak peeks galore!

We are back up and running! Sorry for the little delay in blog shares while we were fixing internal issues.   Hopefully you are following us on Instagram and have also had a chance to read thru the other blog posts with previews….everything is just too cute!!  Today I am excited to share some adorable pieces from our Classics Collection as well as some irresistible cuteness in the form of puppies and turkeys!


I am a sucker for navy blue and peter pan collars!  Not only do they double as “dress code appropriate” for my girls….they are classic and such a nice and neat look for any occasion!  When adding these goodies to your list, don’t forget we monogram as well!

16FACAT_25&26When designing the smocked line, Megan pulls from her personal life.  The puppy collection is inspired by Megan’s family pet, their mini golden doodle, Birdie.  At work (literally, Birdie comes to work at SGK every day) or at home and play, Birdie brings so much joy to everyone she meets and is “the love of our lives”, Megan says.

Who doesn’t love a turkey design on their little turkey for Thanksgiving?!?! This little turkey jumper and longall, topped off with a precious monogram is just over the top!  I hope you are as thankful for this as I am!

Alright….that is all for now!  I will be back with more preciousness tomorrow!  Sleep tight friends.

XxOO Melanie

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