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Holiday Travel Tips: Beat Boredom With These 6 Car Games for Kids

We’ve written a lot lately about how to help your kids beat boredom during holiday travel, but the best parent is a prepared parent, so we’ve got a few more tips for keeping those little ones calm on the road – with car games for kids! These fun four games will help pass the time on long road trips to and from visiting friends and family during the holiday season. Continue reading


Kids Travel Clothes: How to Keep Your Kids Comfy on the Road or in the Air

Few things can strike fear into the hearts of parents like traveling during the holidays with a wild pack of children. The extra suitcases, the diaper bag, making sure there are enough snacks and activities packed so that the kids don’t get rowdy – it’s enough to drive any mom or dad to the mad house. Continue reading


Fun in the Sun: What to Pack for the Beach

It’s officially summer! And that means that it’s officially beach season! If you’re lucky enough to live on the coast, like we do in Charleston, you know that packing for the beach is a mandatory skill to have – especially if you want to keep the family happy, hydrated, and having fun all day long. So what do you need to know about packing for a day at the beach? We’ll tell you! Continue reading


The Ultimate Summer Packing List for Vacation

It’s almost vacation time, and before you can unwind by the beach with your summer reading in one hand and a cold beverage in the other, you have to get the family there first. And while that may not seem like a challenge, planning, packing, and trip there can be stressful enough to warrant a whole separate vacation. Continue reading