Lowcountry Lowdown: Find Fun Indoors at the Charleston Kids Museum

We’re dead in the middle of winter in Charleston right now, and that means that the city which is normally full of life – especially downtown in the evenings – is pretty quiet. Forget evenings outside and weekends at the beach, everyone is bundled up during the day and staying mostly inside later on. We don’t take well to the cold here. 🙂

But, that doesn’t mean that Charleston shuts down in the winter. Quite the opposite! You just have to look a little harder to find all of the gems that make living in and around the peninsula so great. One of those things is the Charleston Kids Museum. The Kids Museum, which is located downtown on Ann Street, is a really great place to spend a lazy weekend. There’s a ton of indoor activities for kids (both fun and educational) and places for them to run around and get rid of some of that extra energy.

The Charleston Kids Museum also has special programs, educational classes from topics on arts and sciences to literature and movement. But some of our favorite children’s activities are the year round exhibits. Here’s some of our favorites!

The Miniature Scale Supermarket – There’s an entire room that’s built out like a miniature supermarket, complete with aisles and aisles of packaged good, produce, and meat. Children can push small grocery carts around while shopping, pop by the life-like deli counter, and then use laminated money to check out at the tiny registers. It’s fun for the kids and a great way to help kids learn about food and healthy eating.

The Medieval Creativity Castle – Another room is built to look exactly like the interior and exterior of a medieval castle, complete with spiral stairways, heavy velvet curtains, stone-like archways, and secret passageways. On the second floor, the museum has costumes for kids to really tap into their creative side.

The Art Room – The art room is exactly what you’d expect – paints, scissors, pieces of paper, cardboard, felt, and egg cartons ready to be transformed into creative brilliance. It’s a perfect (and low-key) way to wind down a day at the Charleston Kids Museum, and because there are so many different types of materials to work with, it can keep the little ones busy for hours.

The Pirate Ship Room – Then there’s the Pirate Ship Room. It’s essentially a replica of a pirate ship that takes up the majority of a large room. It’s got rooms to explore, a working ship’s wheel, cargo that can be loaded and unloaded, and plenty of space to climb, jump, and run around on. It even has a knot tying station, where you can learn how to tie knots just like real pirates did back in 1700s.

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